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How To Know If Your Child Is A Narcissist, Or Narcissist-To-Be

Raising a child is no easy feat. When you bring a kid into the world, there's never any guarantee about how they'll end up or what their personality will be lik

How To Deal With Family Disagreements Over The Holidays

Heading home for the holidays can give us treasured time with our loved ones, but sometimes it can be a pretty difficult experience.

7 Window Treatment Mistakes You Might Be Making

Draw the curtain on these common window covering faux pas and learn what to do instead.

15 Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed (Much)

Humans have loved domestic cats for thousands of years. They provide companionship and joy but aren’t particularly needy like dogs. Some studies have shown psychological and physical health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart attack, anxiety, and stress. However, according to the National Institute of Health, approximately 10-20% of the global population has cat allergies. So what can you do? The good news is that owning a cat that sheds less fur can reduce allergens. It can’t eliminate them entirely, so it depends on the severity of your allergy. If you’re keen on having a cat, ask your doctor what antihistamines are available, and pick a cat that doesn’t shed much. Here are 15 cat breeds to consider.

101 Confidence Quotes That Will Make You Believe You Can Do Anything

Confidence is a major motivator and can be a big factor in success. Celebrities and other notable people share their definitions of it and experiences with it in these powerful words of wisdom.

Best Self Care Gifts (Black Friday 2023)

Feminine Fashion Blogger Elizabeth Hugen of Lizzie in Lace shares her favorite self care gifts for Christmas. Read on for more self care holiday gift ideas!

Timeless Elegance: The Best Hairstyles for Mature Women

These hairstyles say we have our stuff together, while also making us feel youthful!

How to enroll a Chromebook in a different channel for new features

If you change the channel on your Chromebook, you can test the latest and greatest innovations from Google.

Most Common Logical Fallacies and How to Debunk Them

These false arguments infect our conversations, advertising, social media and the big screen. Here's what to look for.

Wish you could feel more secure while dating in L.A.? Start here

Whether you have an anxious or avoidant attachment style, you can become a secure dater. Here's how to do it, according to relationship experts.

Worst Reasons to Have Kids, Ever

There are plenty of amazing reasons to start a family. These are not them.

9 Vintage Christmas Decorations That Will Never Go Out of Style, According to Experts

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Essential Tips for Holiday Pet Adoption and Responsible Gifting

Gift-giving season brings forth heartwarming images of puppies and kittens nestled beneath Christmas trees, creating i

Is Avocado Oil the Healthiest Oil of Them All?

You’ve probably heard the virtues of olive oil, coconut oil and possibly even grape seed oil. But what about the oil that comes from avocados? Research reveals that avocado oil has some remarkable benefits to overall health. And it may just be the best oil choice if you want to boost your performance in the bedroom. Here’s a closer look at all the benefits of avocado oil, including how you can use it to give your sex life a boost. Is avocado oil...

19 Celebrity Beauty Brands That Actually Live Up to the Hype

These A-list stars are delivering quality products.

17 Styles With the Perfect Blend of Cozy and Chic for Your Weekend Look

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. For remote workers, the weekend is a chance to put on real clothes and look cute, while for others, the weekend is a chance to dress down after long commutes to work and business casual requirements. Whichever you […]

New To Lingerie? The Best Types To Shop For Your First Piece

Wearing lingerie is also an invitation to love our bodies in a new way–both in and out of the bedroom–and there is a piece of lingerie for everyone that will suit your comfort, body shape, style, and budget!

The 9 Best Comfortable Slides, Tested and Reviewed

A comfortable pair of shoes is a step in the right direction.

The world’s top-grossing language learning software is $450 off for the holidays

For the world traveler in your life, the gift of knowing how to speak the language of their destination is an invaluable one. So, help them get it, with a lifetime subscription to Babbel Language Learning. Now through December 17, you can get one for $450 off. Babbel is the world’s top-grossing language learning software, with more than ten million...

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iOS 17 has tons of great features, but some may be more bothersome than worthwhile.

31 December Outfits Ideas To Finish 2023 On A Stylish Note

This December, pull out all the stops with your outfits by drawing inspiration from these festive and fun outfits.

I'm a financial planner, and the apps have always failed me. Instead, I budget with an old-school approach that works.

Financial planner Hanna Horvath relies on a budget spreadsheet to track her spending. It may be a little tedious, but it works.

Narcissists are everywhere, but you should never tell someone they are one. Here's why.

One of the worst things you can do is tell someone that they are a narcissist − even if you are correct. Here's why.

5 Ways to Become More Articulate

Speaking clearly and articulately builds confidence and helps you communicate effectively. Work on listening to yourself, pronouncing words fully, keeping sentences simple, minimizing filler words, and paying attention to your audience.

11 Phrases To Use if Someone Says You're 'Too Sensitive'

Author and psychologist Dr. Alexandra Solomon shares exactly how to respond.

Lululemon Look for Less Right on Amazon

Lululemon has such great styles of activewear, but sometimes it’s hard to justify the price tag. Shop similar looks for less that you can get from Amazon! This cropped top…

This Month's Amazon Bestsellers You Can Shop Now (August 2023)

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28 Best Linen Sheets of 2023: Brooklinen, Linoto, Parachute and More

This flax fabric makes for the sweetest dreams

15 Toxic Habits You've Inherited From Your Parents

1. You give the Silent Treatment. When you're upset, do you tend to shut down and go silent instead of expressing what's bothering you? This silent treatment could be a learned behavior from your parents. While it might seem like a peaceful way to handle conflict, it actually creates more distance and misunderstanding. Communication is […] The post 15 Toxic Habits You’ve Inherited From Your Parents appeared first on Bolde.

We Asked AI How to Be a Rad Skier; Here’s What it Said

We asked AI how to appease the snow gods — and crush Après season. It recommended we turn to Pit Viper. The post We Asked AI How to Be a Rad Skier; Here’s What it Said first appeared on The Inertia.

The Best Bedroom Ceiling Lights

The bedroom of your dreams awaits. Set the mood with just the right light.

Lululemon Is Having a Major Sale on Some of Its Most Popular Leggings Starting at Just $39

Grab the brand's cult-favorite Align leggings for just $39 today.

Which Medications Should You Take For COVID?

Fact checked by Nick Blackmer Key Takeaways Several medications effectively treat mild to moderate cases of COVID-19, especially for high-risk people like older adults, people who are unvaccinated, and people with certain medical conditions.Experts say that medications that can be used to treat mild to moderate COVID symptoms include over-the-count...

5 tweaks every developer should make in Windows 11

Development on Windows can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be

15 tips for buying holiday gifts on a budget

If you're trying to stick to your budget this year while still having a great holiday season, check out these 15 tips for buying holiday gifts on the cheap without skimping on quality.

The Cozy City Of Placerville Is One Of The Best Places To Retire In California

Placerville has a Gold Rush history and is a great, peaceful place to call home. Here's what makes it special.

5 Celebs With The Easiest Workout Routines

You can totally handle four minutes of exercise.

DIY Projects That Should Have Remained Ideas

Everybody loves a good old Do It Yourself (DIY) project that allows them to rethink, reuse, reduce and recycle! There are so many things that you can create with things you have hanging about in your garage. These projects can even be a good way to bring people together and find common ground through art. […]

How To Organize Your Closet When You Have Too Many Clothes

Minimalists need not apply.

What To Do When You Feel Judged As A Parent

Feeling judged as a parent happens can hurt because you care about raising kids. Here's what to do when you feel judged by family, friends, or strangers.

Elevate Your Style With These New Outfit Ideas

I’ve put together five outfit ideas for you to easily layer your favorite bodysuit for fall. Keep scrolling to check out must have staples for your wardrobe this season! These…

5 Healthy Benefits of Spin Class, No Matter Your Fitness Level

Consider this your sign to try a spin class!

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Attachment Styles in Relationships

Learn from therapists all about the different attachment styles, how they're developed, and how they can affect your connections.

17 Comfy-Chic Sweaters You Can Wear From the Couch to a Night Out

If you're like me, there's a long pep talk required to get myself out of the house and into the bar for a drink. My thought process is simple - I could just pour a glass of wine at home and stay in my loungewear, but the truth is, the nights I manage to get […]

Study Finds COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy Lowers Risk of Preterm Births

Yet another reason to make sure you get vaccinated against COVID-19, especially if you are pregnant.

10 Signs Your Abrasive Personality Puts People Off

Have you ever wondered why you seem to rub some people the wrong way? Do you find yourself unintentionally pushing people away without even realizing it? Well, it could be because you have an abrasive personality that a lot of people don’t really want to be around. If you relate to any of the following, […] The post 10 Signs Your Abrasive Personality Puts People Off appeared first on Bolde.

7 Frugal Habits That Rarely Pay Off for Boomers in Retirement

Mindful spending in retirement is wise. However, there's such a thing as pinching your pennies too tight. Some frugal habits simply aren't worth your time. They may seem like a good idea on the...