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Meatless Monday: Burgeezy at the AMP

It's another Meatless Monday with tips on the best meat-free meals in Indy. Veggie burgers and meat-free substitutes (a la Beyond and Impossible patties) are pretty widely available, and we love to see them. But that means the bar has been raised, too. Enter: Burgeezy, the plant-based burger joint where meat-free isn't just a thing, it's the only thing. It serves burgers, wings, "fish" sandwiches, breakfast and even a "rib" dinner for special...

Disturbing aspects of human nature

Being human is indeed an extraordinary experience, but have you ever wondered if we are inherently good or bad? Sure, there are a number of socio-cultural and circumstantial aspects to take into account that will influence the way we think and act, but, stripped of all external factors, what are we really like? Indeed, there are human behaviors that are naturally darker than others, and science has proven time and again that we're flawed by default. In this gallery, we explore the dark side of human nature. Click through to find out what the most disturbing aspects of being human are.

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Lola by Todd Clark

Lola by Todd Clark

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A video of a McDonald's employee preparing a cheeseburger has caused a stir online, as it shows questionable hygiene practices and a lack of attention to detail, such as skimping on pickles and not putting the patty just in the middle of the bun. And thanks to this video, the reason why your cheeseburger never... Read More

Her Boyfriend Wouldn't Move Out of the House After Having an Affair, so She Outsmarted Him by Moving In To Live With Him and His New Girlfriend

A woman recently posted a story on Reddit about her best friend who outsmarted a lying, cheating ex-boyfriend. Here’s what she had to say. Her friend’s grandfather had died. She was very close to him, and he left her £25000. ... Read more

A knock-off of an award-winning cookbook was spotted online. Several signs, including an untraceable author, point to it being AI-generated.

"I've been dealing with copycats since my book came out and I have tried my best to just grin and bear it," said Joanne Lee Molinaro in her TikTok.

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When taking on a renovation project, one irritating thing is finding rusted screws and removing them without breakage. Here is how you can do this successfully.

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Charles and Diana's Real-Life Australia Tour Pics Say So Much About Their Marriage


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Prepare your taste buds for a sausage extravaganza! These 15 mouthwatering sausage recipes will leave you craving seconds. From savory breakfast dishes to hearty dinners and appetizers, these recipes showcase the incredible versatility and irresistible flavors of sausages. Get ready to indulge and savor every bite. Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies Experience the convenience and […] The post 15 Sausage Recipes So Good You'll Beg For More appeared...

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11 Signs It Might Be Time for a Divorce, According to Relationship Experts

Therapists say these are the red flags you should never ignore. Like marriage, a divorce is a big decision—and it’s not an easy one to make. Most relationships aren’t perfect all of the time, but if you’re feeling unhappy in your relationship you might find yourself wondering: when is it time to divorce? “There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to when is the right time to end a marriage,” explains Jor-El Caraballo, licensed therapist, author and co-founder of Viva, a therapy practice with offices in NY, CA, and PA. “To put it harshly, in my experience, most people make that decision when the negatives in the relationship outweigh the benefits of staying together.” “A divorce, from my perspective, is what we think about when we feel like escaping the pain,” says Vagdevi Meunier, Psy.D., founder and executive director of the Center for Relationships in Austin, Texas. “But the fact is, divorce may not be the right or only answer there.” In the U.S., about 40 to 50% of married couples end up divorced, according to the American Psychological Association, and that number is even higher for subsequent marriages. There’s a good reason for that: feeling like we can find someone who meets more of our needs than our current partner does. But the truth is, that very rarely happens. If you are considering a divorce, it’s best to first look where, exactly, you’re getting your fulfillment from. “Sometimes people need to do their own work before they consider a divorce,” says psychologist Jennice Vilhauer, Ph.D. “Oftentimes, what they’re wanting from their relationship might be unrealistic, and if they were to do some of their own therapy work, they might recognize that their partner’s not responsible for fulfilling them.” In fact, going to therapy—both individually and as a couple—can help you work through the issues you’re facing as a couple and come up with tangible ways to overcome them. But the trouble is, once the damage has been done for weeks, months, or even years, it becomes more and more difficult to repair. And if you do go to couples therapy, it needs to be something you’re both committed to for the long haul. “I recommend committing to at least three months of counseling before making any major decisions about leaving the relationship,” says Samantha Burns, couples counselor and author of Breaking Up & Bouncing Back. But unfortunately, for some couples, even counseling won’t necessarily prevent divorce. There are some clear deal-breakers and some grey areas. Here, 11 signs it might be time to get a divorce.

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5 Life-Changing Styling Hacks For Thicker, Fuller Hair Over 50 Include Teasing Hair & Using A Root Shadow

As we age our hair ages with us. Does this mean your hair can’t look amazing? Absolutely not. But it can mean that the way you style and care for your hair has to be adjusted if your goal is to make your thinner hair look fuller and healthier. Caleb Backe, a hair expert for Maple Holistics, Teresa Romero, creative director for Sam Villa and artistic/education director for Jose Luis Salon, and say these go-to styling hacks can work wonders.