I tried living 'La Dolce Vita' - and Italians have got it all right

Living ‘La Dolce Vita’ has become synonymous with Italian culture, good vibes, and embracing life’s luxuries. Translating to ‘the sweet life’, there’s little wonder that those hailing from Venice to Sicily are living longer, more fulfilled lives (have you ever met a Nonna that isn’t full of energy?) - and that we should all be striving for the same...

9 easy tips that will help you live longer

Researchers say parents are overwhelmed and it's affecting their kids' eating

It's the end of a long workday, which also included managing your children's schedules and after-school activities. You're exhausted, and the kids just won't eat their broccoli.

15 Frugal Habits of Rich People That Help Them Stay Rich

The rich aren’t always about lavish spending. In fact, many have mastered the art of frugal habits of rich people —smart money moves that keep their wealth growing. These habits aren’t about deprivation but mindful spending. They understand it’s not just about how much money you make but how you manage it. From everyday choices […]

How to overcome a 'scarcity mentality' and feel financially secure, according to a frugal millionaire couple

Jonathan and Jacqueline Sanchez become millionaires in 2021, but that didn't necessarily mean feeling financially secure right away.

"Tourists Always Fall For It": Locals Are Sharing The Common Mistakes That Travelers Make Around The World

"It's a shame that people fall for this, because there are so many quieter, underrated attractions to see." View Entire Post ›

I shifted my midlife weight in six months – now I’m fitter than I was in my twenties

I used to be a stylist, working incredibly long hours styling A-list celebrities, and while it sounds glamorous, it was exactly the opposite: you start very early in the morning, finish late at night and if you’ve not got exactly the right jumper, everyone acts as if the world is falling apart. Because the work was so stressful, we all did a lot of...

Five easy life changes that'll help you live longer, according to an expert

They really are easy to incorporate into your lives.

8 Tasty Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of And Not Get Fat

I'm a weight loss dietitian, but I'm also human. If I could eat all the cheeseburgers and fries I wanted without compromising my health and body weight goals, I'd do it. But life doesn't work that way.

Avoid These 10 Things For a Good Life After 60

Reaching 60 and beyond is a remarkable milestone. It’s a time to relish the fruits of your labor, explore new passions, and savor the company of loved ones. However, to truly make the most of this chapter, it’s wise to avoid certain pitfalls that could hinder your well-being and happiness. Steering clear of these things […]

Here's How to Get the Enchanting Nancy Meyers Aesthetic In Your Home

The Nancy Meyers aesthetic effortlessly brings all the charm—here's how to get the look.

Reese Witherspoon's Life in Photos

The actress has been in the limelight for almost two decades.

Transform Your Outdoor Oasis: 18 Gorgeous Budget-Friendly Patio Tip

It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment with a modest balcony or a suburban home with a generous deck and yard; there are dozens of affordable ways to spruce up your space. Create a relaxing oasis that you’ll look forward to enjoying with a glass of cool lemonade and a book. Use these simple tips to quickly transform whatever size space you’re working with just in time for enjoying the nice weather and entertaining this summer.

I'm an American who's lived in Spain for 4 years. I wish I knew these 10 things before I moved.

After growing up in Los Angeles and dreaming of life in Europe, I finally moved to Barcelona, Spain, in 2020 and have lived there ever since.

Sunburn SOS: 7 tips to soothe your sun-damaged skin, according to a wellness expert

If not treated properly, sunburn can lead to severe skin damage and increase the risk of skin cancer, experts warn. A wellness and beauty expert shares seven main remedies to treat sun-damaged skin.

More evidence suggests regular consumption of melatonin can reduce chances of age-related macular degeneration

A team of medical researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic's Center for Ophthalmic Bioinformatics has found further evidence that regular consumption of melatonin reduces an older person's chances of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a disease that often leads to blindness.

Woman Loses 50 Pounds By Following Five Simple Rules

"I must say that after a month, everything was restored, and I became much happier than before," Albina Angan, 20, told Newsweek.

Kate Bosworth’s Stunning Style Evolution

The Blue Crush star has been a fashion icon since the early aughts.

Alzheimer's Slowed by Intensive Lifestyle Changes

Small trial led by Dean Ornish, MD, shows cognitive improvement

16 Countries You Can Live in That Are So Cheap You Could Quit Your Job

If you’re looking to explore a distant land in-depth, work remotely, or retire in comfort, moving abroad can be a great way to accomplish that. While other factors (like visas, culture, and amenities) are important, cost is often one of the most important considerations. Here are 16 countries that are so cheap to live in that you might not have to work at all.

Achieving the Nancy Meyers Aesthetic, According to Interior Designers

Apart from being modern classics, what do the films "The Holiday," "The Parent Trap," and "It's Complicated" have in common?

I Lost 45lbs With 5 Simple New Habits

My body is losing volume. I've gone from a size 18 to a 10 and I'm super happy.

What it’s really like to live in the Cotswolds

Once best known for its rolling hills and honey-coloured stone, the Cotswolds has become the manicured, eye-wateringly expensive country playground of the famous and seriously rich. This world of posh farm shops, multi-million-pound mansions and whippet-thin women is satirised in Wives Like Us, a new novel out this month by Plum Sykes. The newest r...

Lewis Hamilton's living room makes an on-trend impression — designers say it’s “eclectic and elegant”

Lewis Hamilton's living room has one of the year's biggest design trends. We explain why it works so well and how to get the look in your own place

I'm a native Hawaiian. Locals are tired of tourists treating the island like a theme park – here's what to know before you visit.

A native Hawaiian who lives on Maui shares how tourism impacts locals and what they want tourists to know before they visit: don't be entitled.

14 Great Places to Live if You Are Broke

In an era where the cost of living seems to escalate by the minute, finding a place to call home without breaking the bank feels like a Herculean task. Yet, amidst these economic trials, there exist oases of affordability that don’t compromise the quality of life. This guide unveils 14 such gems, perfect for those yearning to live well while managing their finances wisely. Let’s journey through these havens of economic solace, where your dollar stretches further and life’s pleasures remain within reach.

Rich Chinese millennials are creating new status symbols. Here are 11 ways they are redefining luxury.

Solo travel, pre-loved luxury fashion, and fine dining are all gaining popularity with this affluent group.

How to soften city living with laidback English country design

How to soften city living with laidback English country design - You don’t have to live in the countryside to celebrate its tradition-steeped aesthetic, says Adele Cardani

A retired couple sold their home to live on a cruise ship. This is how much they're saving

Angelyn and Richard Burk have spent the past few years of retirement bouncing from cruise ship to cruise ship exploring countries all over the world. They say all the traveling is actually saving them money.

Staying fit as you age isn’t just about exercise. Experts say to prioritize these 4 habits

A fitness regimen should incorporate mental and emotional fitness as well.

12 Unusual Habits of Centenarians You Should Adopt

Living to 100 years old is a remarkable feat. Still, for many centenarians, longevity is not just a matter of luck—it often involves adopting unique habits and lifestyle choices that contribute to their longevity. While genetics certainly play a role, studies have shown that certain habits can increase your chances of living a longer, healthier […]

Adults Are Sharing The Life-Changing Habits And Routines They Wish They'd Started Way, Way Earlier In Life, And They're So Insightful

"Now, I have no patience or energy to put in all that work to attract the male gaze. I'm single and love it. Turns out, the thing I wanted the most was what destroyed me." View Entire Post ›

15 Questionable Habits of Retirees That Raise Eyebrows

Retirement is supposed to be a time of relaxation, travel, and finally getting around to all those hobbies you never had time for. But let’s be honest, it’s not always sunshine and sipping margaritas by the pool. Let’s explore some habits retirees develop that might raise an eyebrow (but probably aren’t a cause for major … 15 Questionable Habits of Retirees That Raise Eyebrows Read More »

I'm Gen X and about to retire. I'm excited to have more time for things I love, but stressed about financial stability.

I started working when I was 13 and haven't stopped. As a Gen Xer, I'm ready to retire but also worry about financial stability in the future.

I'll Be Living in These Free People Denim Shorts 24/7 This Summer

Denim shorts feel so synonymous with summer, which is precisely why I start bulk-buying the style whenever temperatures begin to heat up.

Yes, Jorts Are Trending — Here’s How To Style Them This Summer

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Best luxury UK hotels 2024: Where to stay for great food, family adventures and spa retreats

Best luxury UK hotels 2024: Where to stay for great food, family adventures and spa retreats - From rural country houses to grand dames in the city, here’s our pick of decadent British stays

18 Cities in the U.S. That Are Becoming a Retiree Hot Spot

Retirement is a special time when people look for the perfect place to relax and enjoy their golden years. Across the U.S., some cities are becoming very popular among retirees. These places offer great weather, fun activities, and friendly communities. In this list, we’ll share 18 cities catching the eye of people looking to make the most of their retirement. Whether you love the beach, the mountains, or vibrant city life, there’s a spot for you.

Dermatologists And Estheticians Are Sharing The Most Common Skincare Mistakes They See Patients And Clients Make

"This is especially important once you hit your 20s." View Entire Post ›

I Weighed 500lbs. Walking Every Day Changed My Life

There's nothing worse than trying to lose weight and having a craving, so I didn't ignore that craving, I fed it.

Jon Bon Jovi: When you write truth, people find that’s their story too

Jon Bon Jovi: When you write truth, people find that’s their story too - The frontman of the rock band talks about their legacy, how his vocal issues nearly ended his career and the marriage advise he gave his children.

This longevity scientist’s 3 surprising predictions for the growing industry of healthy aging

CEO of Generation Lab is taking chances in the business of living longer.

The carnivore diet is popular with influencers. Here's what experts say about trying it.

All-meat diets are going viral on TikTok. Is a carnivore diet actually the health boost influencers say it is? Here's what experts say.

Retirees spend almost all of their income in these 5 areas — how do you compare and where can you save?

81% of their income goes into these five categories.

I work 2 full-time jobs from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. I'm sacrificing sleep, friends, and hobbies so I can retire in my 30s.

A Gen-Z coollege graduate works two jobs from home to achieve financial independence in her 30s.

Trying to walk 10,000 steps a day? These three top tips from a walking expert will help you cross the finish line

These three top tips from a walking expert will help you hit your 10,000-steps-a-day goal without overhauling your schedule.

Victoria Beckham 4 Avocados Per Day for Her Skin—Is That Healthy?

Registered dietitians warn you shouldn’t try this at home.

18 ‘Normal’ Things From the ’80s and ’90s That Are Considered Luxuries Now

Reflecting on the '80s and '90s evokes nostalgia for what was once normal "everyday life" things.

14 Things Most People Only Do If They’re Digital Nomads

Almost everyone uses a laptop, smartphone, Bluetooth speaker, or other tech gadget during the day. This has led to the rise of digital nomads. These wayward wanderers adopt unique habits and practices to accommodate their mobile, tech-heavy lifestyle. Here are fourteen things digital nomads do, showcasing the rise of technology and the need to stay […]

Ask Lisa: ‘How can I find a white shirt that actually flatters my figure?’

head of fashion. She began her career in fashion at Vogue. She has written four novels, has an honorary doctorate from the University of Arts in London, and was awarded an OBE in 2022 for services to fashion.Each week, she responds to your queries, lending her expertise to help you shop smart. Have a question for her? Submit it below. Dear Lisa, Th...