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Lola by Todd Clark

Lola by Todd Clark

Quick Fix: BLT burger, coleslaw perfect for Father's Day (or anytime)

I was thinking about Father’s Day coming up. My husband loves to make a BLT sandwich for lunch. I added bacon, lettuce and fresh sliced tomatoes to a cooked burger to make a crunchy burger for his day — or it’s great for anytime you’re looking to add variety to your burger. Cooked bacon is easily available at the market sold in boxes. I like to crisp them up in a skillet and then use the same ...

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These Neighbors' Dogs Fell In Love, And They Were Absolutely Heartwarmed Over It

These Neighbors’ Dogs Fell In Love, And They Were Absolutely Heartwarmed Over It

Low-Impact Living: Grain Silos, Flour Mills, Sprouting Pots, and More from Hawos of Germany

To be filed under: something we’d like to own for our idyllic, bread-baking, seed-sprouting, whole-grain life in the future. In truth, none of us at Remodelista has ever ground our own flour, but we have friends who swear by the benefits (better flavor, far more nutritious). And we were so delighted by the look of […]

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Disturbing aspects of human nature

Being human is indeed an extraordinary experience, but have you ever wondered if we are inherently good or bad? Sure, there are a number of socio-cultural and circumstantial aspects to take into account that will influence the way we think and act, but, stripped of all external factors, what are we really like? Indeed, there are human behaviors that are naturally darker than others, and science has proven time and again that we're flawed by default. In this gallery, we explore the dark side of human nature. Click through to find out what the most disturbing aspects of being human are.

Toddler Tales: 8 Embarrassing Things Toddlers Have Said In Public

Toddlers are known for their uncensored and sometimes inappropriate comments, especially in public places. From shouting about bodily functions to revealing family secrets, toddlers have a way of keeping us on our toes. Here are some of the most embarrassing things people shared that their toddlers and older kids have said in public. Punching a...

Two Types Of Dogs

Occurred on May 22, 2023 / Missoula, Montana, USA: "There are 2 types of dogs. This video shows my two dogs figuring out how to cross a mountain runoff creek in western Montana. Roxer the Boxer finds a new way across by looking for landmarks, while Dang

He's Forcing Her to Subsidize His Life and Can't Fathom How He's in The Wrong

Moving in together is a huge step. You have to mesh your schedules together and see if you're compatible in daily life. Another giant step ... Read more

"We Made It!," Says Erwan Heussaff as He Bags Coveted James Beard Award

The content creator is out to help make Filipino food the "next big thing."

14 Fitness Tracker Features That Improve Your Health

Keeping track of your goals is a major way you stay fit. Here are the ways that fitness trackers can help.

A knock-off of an award-winning cookbook was spotted online. Several signs, including an untraceable author, point to it being AI-generated.

"I've been dealing with copycats since my book came out and I have tried my best to just grin and bear it," said Joanne Lee Molinaro in her TikTok.

Celebs Who Auditioned for SNL But Didn't Make the Cut

Some of the biggest stars in entertainment were passed over for a spot on the long-running and legendary Saturday Night Live.

Non-Binary Sibling Faces an Unfair Gender-Specific Dress Code Demand at Their Brother's Wedding. Their Response Shakes the Family and Presents a Puzzling Challenge.

The original poster (OP), a non-binary individual, faces a family conflict sparked by a gender-specific dress code imposed for their brother’s wedding. The tensions escalate to a climax when the bride-to-be abruptly calls off the engagement, throwing the family into turmoil. A Joyful Invitation OP receives an invitation from their brother’s fiancé to be a... The post Non-Binary Sibling Faces an Unfair Gender-Specific Dress Code Demand at Their Brother’s Wedding. Their Response Shakes the Family and Presents a Puzzling Challenge. appeared first on Top Dollar.

The ever-costly bachelorette

The typical attendee is spending roughly $1,200 ... per party It has been said that every young girl dreams of her wedding day: the dress she'll so painstakingly select, the reception she'll so carefully arrange, and the smile she'll so happily don during what is supposedly the best night of her life. What she is less likely to imagine, however, is...

10 of the Most Expensive TV Shows to Produce in TV History

One show spent over $700 million on its first season.

Want to Keep Squirrels From Eating Your Garden? Here's What to Plant

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Whether you’re stocking up for a big summer party or just need to save on groceries, check out these great deals from Target’s freezer and fridge section.

So, You Misgendered Someone. Here's How To Address The Mistake.

Trans folks share the best way to course-correct when you use the wrong pronouns without making it worse or awkward.

The Tallest Building in Every State

One building has held the record since 1870!

WuMo by Wulff & Morgenthaler

WuMo by Wulff & Morgenthaler

9 Unique Smoothie Recipes For a Fun Fruity Drink

The PB&J one sounds especially delicious

The Most Underrated Capital Cities in the US

From the coast to the mountains, these capital cities are worth a visit.

Rhymes with Orange by Hilary Price

Rhymes with Orange by Hilary Price

Dae's New Heat and Hold Styling Hair Mist Is My Secret to Sleek, Long-Lasting Summer Styles

Protect your locks, tame frizz, and give your style a flexible hold with this new launch.

The Rudest Things You Can Do At A Bridal Shower

Etiquette experts share faux pas to avoid at these celebrations.

I got pregnant at the same time as my mother

Melanie Warburton, 44, and daughter Keesha, 24, from Atherton, Greater Manchester went to appointments together, shopped for baby clothes and even shared a joint baby shower.

Charming American Towns Worth Taking a Road Trip to Visit

Hit the roads less traveled.

15 Fresh & Healthy Spring Desserts To Try

Many are made with fresh fruits and fragrant spices.

'Dad, I'm on the Doorbell!'

Occurred on May 26, 2023 / Millis, Massachusetts, USA: "Father picked up delivery for daughter at the house. He had no idea you could talk through a doorbell. Thought she was talking through his phone and got so frustrated he forgot about the package.

The Best Drugstore Makeup With SPF To Layer For Extra Sun Protection

No matter the season or the weather, SPF is a step in your beauty routine you don’t ever want to skip! SPF ensures you are protecting your skin against sun damage as well as preventing signs of aging that is accelerated by sun exposure. So, there are two things you have to keep in mind: the “sufficient” amount of SPF for the face and neck is 1/2 teaspoon, and SPF needs to be reapplied throughout the day to stay effective. So where does that...

A collector bought this antique chandelier for just $300 — decades later, he sold it for a mind-boggling profit

The unique piece was crafted by Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti. A collector bought this antique chandelier for just $300 — decades later, he sold it for a mind-boggling profit first appeared on The Cool Down.

Iconic Movies That Were Filmed in Florida

Just thinking about these films that have become household names will make you long for the warm Florida sunshine.

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