As summer arrives it’s the ideal time to get your lawn looking its best, ready for barbecues and garden parties.

Grass is the centrepiece of any garden but in amongst continuous watering and cutting, a lawn care routine can feel like a laborious task. Thankfully, maintaining a healthy looking lawn is made easier with a lawn feed spreader, which can distribute grass seed and fertilisers with minimal effort.

This handy garden tool can deliver these elements that boosts grass growth and removes weeds. As the weather gets warmer your lawn will need thorough watering to ensure the fertiliser has the best chance of working effectively. Different feeds require different application methods so always read the product labels carefully to ensure you’ve chosen a spreader that’s compatible with the feed you want to use.

Why use a lawn feed spreader?

One of the main advantages of using a lawn feed spreader is the even distribution it offers. Unlike manual methods, spreaders are designed to uniformly disperse the feed in a controlled way. This ensures that each part of your lawn receives an equal amount of nutrients and (hopefully) maintains a uniform appearance.

Whether you’re using a hand-held or push-along spreader, take care to spread feed evenly and clear up any seeds that scatter on pavements or paving to avoid staining.

How we tested

We’ve chosen a selection of the best grass feed spreaders, focussing on reliability, speed and practicality, to help you bring your lawn to life this summer.

Shop the best lawn feed spreaders below

Miracle-Gro Lawn Seed Drop Spreader

Ideal for larger lawns, this spreader distributes feed over a 45cm radius and provides an even application. If you’re not keen on using a handheld spreader, this sturdier alternative has a supportive handle and large wheels that make it easy to feed your lawn whilst walking at a gentle pace.

The handy built-in stand means you can stop at the end of the lawn, allowing for precise control of feed distribution. Seed freely pours from the basket and can be controlled using an on/off lever. After feeding, water the grass heavily to give the feed the best chance of success. Once established, the feed or fertiliser should maximise nutrient absorption by the grass roots.

Applying feed by hand can sometimes result in an uneven application, causing patches of sparse grass, but this spreader evenly distributes the feed, ensuring every inch of your lawn gets the nourishment it needs. Using a lawn feed spreader supports consistent growth, which means grass growing should be a low maintenance task throughout the year.

Buy now £55.00, Amazon

Miracle-Gro Handy Lawn Seed Spreader

This grass feed spreader has a simple mechanism, sprinkling seeds gently onto the lawn, giving your grass a luscious look over time. Simply press down on the lever and scatter the feed across your lawn whilst walking at a brisk pace. As you walk, let the feed flow freely, only stopping and closing off the level when you reach the end point of your lawn.

Within one week your grass will look noticeably thicker and moss will start to lift, making it easier to rake out. Try to plan a feeding session before any rain is due, or use a sprinkler or hose to water the lawn after feeding to help it work quickly.

Buy now £21.88, Amazon

Bosmere Lawn Fertiliser Spreader

This spreader looks slightly different to others on our list, with a covered top and bucket shape. Fill the bucket with your chosen feed, hold it at a comfortable height and gently twist back and forth over the lawn. It’s important that you don’t shake the container until you are above the areas of grass you would like to treat, and you may need to cross over some patchy areas twice.

This tool feels less exacting than a typical spreader than can be used to distribute feed in a more controlled way, but it is very useful if you have smaller patches of grass that need to be treated with fertiliser. Plus this spreader is very easy to manoeuvre and much lighter than some of the other options in our round-up.

The feed will help to improve areas of grass that have been damaged, helping to speed up the recovery process. Regular feeding will ensure your lawn has a consistent supply of nutrients and stay healthy throughout the whole year.

Buy now £14.99, Amazon

Wickes Hand Held Lawn Spreader

This grass feed spreader has an ergonomic design with an arm support that works well for hand feeding. Much more precise than simply sprinkling feed by hand, this spreader has five settings allowing it to be used for a variety of lawn treatments. It has a smaller capacity than others on the list but is very easy to refill and would suit gardeners who need a feeder that offers efficient coverage and is easy to handle without much weight.

This spreader can be used to distribute fertiliser, grass seed, herbicides, and even ice melt during winter months. By adjusting the spreader settings, you can easily adapt the application rate to match the specific requirements of your lawn. This flexibility allows you to address various lawn care needs effectively with one device.

Buy now £11.75, Wickes

Westland Lawn Fertiliser Push Along Drop Wheeled Spreader

Say goodbye to uneven patches of grass and unreliable manual methods, this spreader will help you create a healthy lawn in a few easy steps. Simply fill the canister with seed then gently push the spreader along your lawn using the long handle.

This spreader features variable settings that control the distribution of feed, providing an even application across your lawn. At the end of each row, be sure to use the on/off switch to enable turning because over application of seed can damage your lawn. When spreading the feed, make sure you walk at a consistent pace and try to distribute the feed evenly.

Once finished applying the seed, empty the bucket to avoid any seed staining garden paving or flower beds when not in use.

Buy now £59.01, Amazon

Einhell 3415410 Power X-Change 18V Cordless Spread

This universal spreader can be used all year round, from spreading fertiliser and lawn seeds to salt in winter. Unlike others on our list, this spreader is powered by an 18 volt battery. It is one of the more high-tech options on the market, with six speed controls and eight spreading options. The gardening essential has a soft grip and an ergonomic design which ensures a firm, secure hold.

The container has a capacity of 3.3 litres and can be individually adjusted, which means an area coverage of around 15 square meters. Note that batteries for this product must be bought separately but there’s many pros too. While hand-application of fertilisers and other lawn products can be a time-consuming and physically demanding task, a battery powered lawn feed spreader makes the process super charged and becomes significantly more efficient. These devices are designed to cover a large area quickly, allowing you to treat your lawn in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

Buy now £49.95, Amazon

EarthWay Commercial Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

If you are feeding a large lawn then it’s worth considering a broadcast spreader. These industrial looking spreaders often have large rubber wheels and are designed to cover expansive areas of land. They typically have a wider spreading width than the smaller spreaders on our list, allowing for increased efficiency and productivity. Since you’re pushing a heavier spreader, ensure the handle is tall enough to protect your back whilst walking.

One of the greatest benefits in investing in a broadcast spreader (even through they tend to be more expensive) is the time saving benefits they provide, particularly if you’re lucky enough to have a large outdoor space. Larger spreaders will give your lawn a more intensive treatment and are particularly useful in preventing weeds from spreading because the increased grass growth limits the space for weeds to germinate. The sturdy design is heavier and harder to manoeuvre but this solid structure makes most broadcast spreaders more durable for years to come.

Buy now £104.00, Amazon


With some handy additions and extra settings, the Miracle-Gro Lawn Seed Drop Spreader is a practical, lightweight garden tool that will help your lawn flourish this summer. Start feeding and enjoy consistent and reliable feed distribution that will help your grass continue to grow throughout the year.

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