From the runways to the Eras tour, this season, fashionistas everywhere are feeling the love. With many variations of heart shapes and heart prints, hearts will be all over this coming season, and how you choose to incorporate the symbol of love into your ensemble is all up to you. The spring/summer 2023 runways showed us everything from big, bold heart patterns to heart-shaped cutouts and inspired silhouettes. Still, hearts have been around and all over clothing items and accessories basically forever, so you may be wondering how to sport this trend in a way that's actually on-trend. 

Luckily, this is a trend that isn't specific to one type of accessory or style of clothing, and when it comes to how to rock a heart, pretty much anything goes. So, consider whether you want to sport a scene-stealing, heart-centric ensemble or just want to incorporate a tiny detail of this trend into your 'fit. Perhaps you want a little love-inspired accessory that can be added to any outfit or something you'll want to bring out for any special occasion. We have all the best ways to bring a heart or two into your wardrobe for the coming season. 

Bold Prints

Because the heart trend is making major waves, bold heart prints are everywhere, and there are plenty of options if you're looking to invest in more heart-centric clothing items. From cool, heart-printed pants on graffiti-style jeans to something even wilder, like heart-shaped camisole tops, there are many options if you're looking to really make a statement with hearts via your clothes. Hearts are especially conducive to a bold print, since the shape is so recognizable and statement-making. 

Subtle Prints

Luckily, if you want to hop on the heart trend, but you're not sold on a bold heart motif that steals the show, there are options. Look for a staple in a small heart print or a print that's made up of a color palette without much contrast. Amazon sells a button-down shirt with a spaced out miniature heart pattern and a midi dress covered in hearts that look like polka-dots until you get a closer look. Converse offers high-top sneakers with a tiny red heart detail. This is a great way to add a bit of on-trend detail to your look without feeling over-the-top. 


We all have stuff to carry along with us when we head out of the house, so carrying a heart-shaped bag happens to be the easiest way to work something that's on-trend into your outfit. Plus, investing in a heart-shaped purse can be the quickest way to add a pop of color to any outfit. It's also a great way to bring a little love along with you if you're attending a wedding. Amazon currently offers a red crossbody with a large bow that's received a share of good reviews. But you prefer neutral shades, Kate Spade sells a blush-toned structured, heart-shaped crossbody. 


We know how fast-moving and fickle the trend cycle can be, and as a result, not every trend is a good option to get tattooed on your body. Hearts, however, are an exception to this rule, because while they're a definite trend of the moment, the meaning behind them will never go out of style. Micro heart tattoos are all-the-rage as of late, so you can have a tiny heart somewhere on your skin that not everyone will notice. And, remember, if you're interested but slow to commit, you can always opt for an ephemeral tattoo and dip your toes into the world of ink without the commitment


These days, lots of us are tapping into dopamine beauty as a mood booster. Whether this sounds like you, or it's just something you aspire to, you may want to rock the lovable heart trend by incorporating it into your makeup. Wild, fun eye makeup looks are bigger than ever as of late, and adding heart shapes allows you to double up on the vibrant trends. You can draw hearts with colorful eyeliner on your eyelid for a subtle pop of color, or, if you're feeling adventurous, don a full glittery heart around your browbone that mimics Taylor Swift's "Lover" album cover. And, if you don't fancy yourself an amateur makeup artist, you could invest in heart-shaped face gems to give your eye makeup a twist for a night out.


Heart-shaped jewelry is one of the most common and obvious ways to add a heart or two to your ensemble. Yet, the heart trend taking the world by storm doesn't mean that every gold heart necklace or heart-shaped stud earring suddenly feels fashion-forward. To give your heart-shaped accessories a modern flair, opt for something that makes a bit of a statement like beaded earrings or an adjustable choker with a heart pendant.


If you're a Swiftie who's in your "Lover" era, chances are you already have a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses at your disposal. This is one of the most classic heart-shaped wardrobe staples there is, and it's such an easy accessory to throw on with any ensemble to add a little bit of whimsy and fun. From sunnies that provide a pop of red to more understated metal option like this Sam Edelman pair, give all of your summer outfits a little love with a pair of glasses of your choice. 


Summer 2023's hottest nail trends are all about expression, no matter your style, so if you're loving the season's most lovable pattern, what better way to show it than through nail art? There are endless ways to add hearts to your nails –- from one heart on your thumbnail with modern French tips, to colorful heart gems on every nail. Plus, it's fairly easy to DIY this shape for an at-home mani; Simply make two dots with a toothpick and connect them to a point in the middle. Alternatively, grab heart nail stickers to transform any manicure into a display of affection for the heart trend. 

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