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Ask any mother what their favorite gifts for Mother’s Day are and they will tell you without hesitation that the best gifts are the ones handmade from the heart.

At our house, we are huge fans of ZURU Mayka Block tape and it has provided for countless hours of fun and creativity.

One of my all-time favorite products whether we’re at home or in the classroom,  Mayka Toy Block Tape instantly transforms virtually any surface into a base for toy building blocks, figures, and accessories.

No longer are creations limited to being created on floors or on tables because Mayka Tape gives you the flexibility to around corners, up windows and on all of your favorite objects. Simply cut, shape, then stick your toy block tape anywhere. The best part is, Mayka Tape is reusable and compatible with all leading toy brick brands. The best part is that Mayka Tape isn’t just for kids and my son decided that he was going to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift that was “guaranteed to make Mommy cry,” for all the right reasons of course.


Zack knows my love of being surrounded by pictures of the family and with a little bit of ingenuity, he was able to turn a “regular” picture of himself and his sister, into a masterpiece in under 10 minutes.

By combining  a recent picture of the two of them, a frame from the local Dollar Store, brick building blocks including a Star Wars figure as we all know the Force runs deep in our family, and some Mayka Block Tape, his Mother’s Day creation was nothing short of spectacular because it was indeed, a gift from the heart-and yes I did indeed cry.


In the time it took to measure, cut, and write “I Love You”, Zack had created a loving memory of the oldest and the youngest in the family and one I will treasure forever.

And if we decide to switch picture frames or pictures, the Mayka Block Tape can be easily removed and reused.  Put Mother’s Day in the hands of your kids and see what their creativity brings.  With Mayka Block Tape from ZURU, it’s easy to create a whole new world limited only by the imagination of the creator.  Get the fun started-check out all you can do at Mayka World for tips, tricks and let the creating begin.


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