It may be surprising to know that 46% of people in monogamous relationships have affairs.

Only 24% of those impacted couples report staying together.

With all that cheating going on, it is also astonishing to learn that just 2-3% of children are the product of infidelity.

One woman shared her hurtful story of betrayal and the shocking advice her own mother gave her after finding out about her husband's affair.

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Carla Mitchmond had no idea her husband had been unfaithful when she found out she had a 'bonus baby.'

A TikToker named Carla Mitchmond recently posted a video detailing how she discovered her husband had been unfaithful and had a child outside of their marriage.

The video starts with Mitchmond saying that this is Part One of her story on how she first found out that she had a ‘bonus baby.’

She starts by telling viewers that the revelation came on a Sunday morning about eight months ago.

As she was driving to the local mall with her family, her phone rang, and she picked up.

According to her, there was an “irate woman” on the phone who claimed "I’m tired of your husband lying to me. He’s been telling me for two years that he’s leaving you."

After the woman told her that she was pregnant with his child, her mind went blank and she forgot the rest of the conversation.

Mitchmond turned around and headed back home to confront her husband, saying she asked him to leave.

Her wayward husband ended up leaving for work so the now estranged couple decided he would return to pick up his belongings the next day after the kids left for school.

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Mitchmond reached out to her mother for comfort and support.

Her mother said, "Calm down. Tell me what happened. Start from the beginning."

After some time explaining without any input from her mother, she asked her if she was hearing everything she was being told.

The woman responded, “Yeah. I hear you. But he did no more than any other man has done. He just got caught up.”

She asked if her husband loved the mistress or if he said he wanted to leave.

She answered that he had not, and her mother said, “Well, Carla, you have three daughters and they’re going to need a father.”

“If he is willing to make it right, let him make it right. Allow him to correct his wrongs.”

Mitchmond followed up with more details.

In a Part Two video, Mitchmond opened by apologizing for eating as she told her story in the prior video.

She went on to talk about how she and her disloyal husband had told their children about their new half-sibling.

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Their daughters were about 6, 11, and 16 years old. Mitchmond says that her eldest child took it the hardest.

Her dad was her hero and Mitchmond worried about damaging his reputation in the eyes of his daughter.

At first the young lady was matter of fact, but later lashed out at her father for his actions.

The 11-year-old didn’t understand the severity of the situation and was just happy to have a little brother, and the youngest child was oblivious to the mature matter.

The infidelity is now seven years in the past and according to Mitchmond, her family is much better these days.

People were unmoved by the happy ending and were critical of the mother's advice.

The first person took issue with how the TikToker had framed the situation. She said, “You lost me at bonus baby sis. That is my #1 deal breaker.”

Another woman added, “Carla. I have been through this. Not a bonus baby. But I look at my husband in a different way now. I don't like him! And never will.”

The general consensus was that a man having a child with a woman that was not his wife was unacceptable and irreconcilable.

One woman commented, “My man digging in another female without protection is the ULTIMATE no for me you a strong woman I would have been gone.”

Another TikToker posed a valid question we may never get the answer to. They said, “Would he show you the same grace if the tables were turned?”

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