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When Dee Marie took in Emi and her seven puppies, she could immediately tell they were a close little family. From the very first day, the puppies slept together in one big pile, and Emi was always nearby to make sure her pups were safe. “She's been such a doting mother,” Marie told The Dodo, “and is always just a feet away ready to check on them.”...

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So Long, 2021! Usher in 2022 With These Fun Things to Do on New Year's Day

It's all about making a fresh start. Once the busy holiday season coming to a close, it's tempting to spend New Year's Day horizontal on the couch in your most comfortable pajamas, doing a whole lot of nothing. After a whirlwind month of celebrations with family and friends (not to mention a potentially late New Year's Eve night), doing nothing might be exactly what you think you need. That being said, New Year's Day also feels like the perfect time to begin new, healthy habits, whether it's stepping outside for fresh air and exercise, writing down those resolutions, picking up a book you've been meaning to read, or going to a grocery store open on New Year's Day to shop for some nutritious meal options. Been meaning to organize your closet? The new year is an ideal time to clean out your bedroom closet, put those linen closet organization ideas to work, and take stock of what's in your kitchen pantry. If you're looking for a calmer way to welcome the new year, go for some "me time" with a long soak in the tub or plan a New Year's movie marathon with the fam. These newly created events might just turn into new year's traditions for years to come. However you choose to spend January 1, the good news is that it's a new year (yay!) with endless opportunities for new beginnings. Happy new year!

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Cigаrette sales climbed in the U.

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Trump Believes Harry Will 'Regret' Life With Meghan Markle

The former president accused the Duchess of Sussex of using Prince Harry and acting inappropriately in calling U.S. senators to push for paid family leave.

"Zoom" and "Fauci" Were Among This Year's Most Popular Dog Names, Rover Reports

Pet owners were clearly inspired by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic when naming their four-legged friends.

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It’s hard facts that the fashion person on your gifting list is hard to please. Their taste? Specific. Which makes shopping for a 10/10 present pretty dang stressful. But we’ve got a holiday hack guaranteed to evoke a genuine personal happy dance rather than a flat, gritting-through-their-teeth “thank you” — H&M’s holiday selection of knitwear, athleisure, glittering party pieces, and more. Yes, we know they have a one-of-a-kind aesthetic, but,...

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