In today’s fast-paced world, having a comfortable place to relax in your own home is important. So naturally, it makes sense why recliners are one of the most popular furniture homeowners prefer to invest in. As the epitome of comfort and panache, most recliners come in an ergonomic design, perfect for meeting individual needs. 


However, with so many different types and styles of recliners on the market, it can take time to know where to start when choosing the perfect one. While your final choice would depend on personal requirements and budget, specific tips can help ease your search. This guide will help you narrow your options and find the recliner that best suits your needs.

Define Your Needs:

When selecting recliners for your living room, it is important to consider what you need and how the recliner will be used. Are you looking for an armchair, rocker, lift, or wall-hugger recliner? Comfort should always be a top priority, as recliners are known to provide extended periods of relaxation in your living room. 


Think about the size and color that best fits your room’s decor and layout. This is especially important if you have limited space that may not adequately accommodate a full-size recliner. If so, there are options such as swing gliders that do not consume much floor space but still offer outstanding comfort. 


Another critical aspect to consider is the ergonomic benefits. Several recliners in the market are today designed to address ergonomic issues like back aches or help nursing mothers. Your ideal recliner should adequately meet your needs. 

Pick Your Type:

Once you thoroughly understand your needs and requirements, it is time to pick your type. With rapid technological advancement, there has been a boom in the kinds of recliners available on the market. 


From designs specifically made to address health conditions to recliners with different features and motions, there is a lot you can choose from. However, you can choose between a power-operated recliner or a hand-lever recliner. 


Both types of recliners have their unique advantages.  Power recliners use electricity for reclining actions and usually offer several advanced features. However, due to their innovative functions, they are generally quite expensive. On the contrary, manual recliners come with all essential functions and make excellent low-price alternatives. 


Features And Functions:


Choosing the right recliner for your living room is a big decision, and there are several factors to consider. When making a recliner selection, thinking about both function and aesthetics is important. Consider your lifestyle and how often you intend to use the recliner when making a decision.


For instance, power-operated recliners are excellent choices for seniors or individuals who may struggle to use hand levers to recline manually. It can also help improve certain underlying health conditions. Similarly, a recliner with a built-in USB port and extension outlet can be helpful for individuals working from home.  


However, it is equally important to stay moderate when making a choice. If you prefer a higher-end recliner with features like massage or lumbar support, research to ensure it fits your budget. 

Correct Measurements:

When shopping for recliners to add to your living room, it is important to take accurate measurements of the space before making a purchase. Measuring the area will help you determine the recliner size that will fit comfortably into your room, avoiding issues with overcrowding or not having enough space for the recliner. 

In addition to room measurements, it is also important to consider the motion of the recliner. Generally speaking, most recliners come in a rocking or swivel motion. While rockers can usually complement all home architectures, swivels may need a more spacious room to operate correctly. 

Alternatively, wall-huggers make excellent options for compact rooms with limited spaces. Taking such measures in advance can save you time and money, allowing you to select the recliner of your dreams and enjoy cozying up in it without worry. 

Fabric And Quality:

One key consideration most shoppers tend to ignore is the fabric and quality of the recliner. The kind of material used and its quality can significantly impact your overall experience. For customers who wish to prioritize durability, investing in a leather recliner is the perfect option. 


Although they require attentive care, they can last long if appropriately maintained. A good-quality recliner should ideally be made of sturdy hardwood or steel frame. Investing in high-density foam paddings is recommended to prevent your recliner from sagging.  


If you plan to spend many hours relaxing on your recliner, ensure the fabric and material used is moisture and spill resistant. Ideally, the fabric should also come with anti-bacterial properties and be safe for sensitive skin. 


Perfect Fit:


You wouldn’t want to invest in a recliner that does not offer the perfect fit. After all, as furniture designed to provide the ultimate comfort, getting a recliner that does not fit your needs is counterproductive. 


But how exactly do you determine the right fit? Well, there are a few tricks you can use. First, your arms, when sitting on the recliner, should be at a comfortable height. Similarly, your legs and feet must fit the footrest without hanging out. The recliner must support your back and ensure your head and neck lay securely on the headrest.


Reaching for the lever or reclining mechanism should be easy if it is a manual recliner. For a truly relaxing experience, the chair base must be designed to take the heavy weight for long durations without warping. To distribute the weight evenly, the recliner should have a mesh layer between the springs and cushions. 


Test It Out:


Before you commit to recliners for your living room, make sure to test them out first.  A recliner is an important addition to your living room and must be comfortable and easy to use to meet your needs.


Before purchasing your recliner, ensure the lever, handles, and reclining actions are smooth and effortless. Pay close attention to any noise or issues you may face when assessing each function. 


Also, take into consideration the overall feel of your home. The recliner should be chosen with this in mind and complement – not override – the existing style. This will ensure a cohesive look within your living area and make for an attractive and inviting space. 


Where To Shop?


You know what you want from a recliner and have done your research. The question is, where do you buy it from? With online purchasing making shopping convenient, it is natural for customers to gravitate towards online shopping. 


However, to make an informed decision, testing and assessing your product before purchase is important. That is why we recommend visiting a store and trying out your choice of recliner once before placing an order online. This would allow you to choose from a range of options while also ensuring you make the right decision.  

Final Thoughts:

Choosing recliners for your living room can be exciting, but it’s important to take some time and consider the criteria needed to make the right selection. These simple tips can help you find comfortable and aesthetically pleasing recliners. Ultimately, finding the perfect recliner is all about understanding what features and benefits are important for you and finding something that will fit into your lifestyle. 

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