If you made millions of dollars every year and had access to the world's best fashion designers, do you think you'd be wearing top-notch outfits all the time? Country singer Carrie Underwood is here to answer that for all us, and it's a wholehearted no. Instead, you can find the star rocking the cutest sweatshirt complete with chickens on it. Stars, they're just like us!


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Carrie posted a selfie to her Instagram stories over the weekend wearing the green sweatshirt with 10 different chickens printed on it. The caption reads, "Makes nice living... Lots of fancy clothes in closet... Wears chicken sweats she bought off Etsy..." And all the chicken mamas said "Amen."...and then promptly pressed "add to cart" on that adorable sweatshirt.

While you can catch us in loungewear every day (the more chickens on it, the better), Carrie can be found more often sporting more elaborate ensembles most days. The star just finished her tour with fellow country music singer Jimmie Allen. She was also recently spotted in an outfit complete with knee-high rhinestone cowboy boots, proving that the Westerncore trend is here to stay.

So, yeah, safe to say she deserves a few days in sweats! Want to rock your own chicken loungewear just like Carrie? We knew you would. You can find her sweatshirt and other options below.

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