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Looking for a foolproof way to elevate homemade cakes to new cloud-like heights? For ultra-soft cakes, try the tang mian method and heat your oil first.

Meatless Monday: Burgeezy at the AMP

It's another Meatless Monday with tips on the best meat-free meals in Indy. Veggie burgers and meat-free substitutes (a la Beyond and Impossible patties) are pretty widely available, and we love to see them. But that means the bar has been raised, too. Enter: Burgeezy, the plant-based burger joint where meat-free isn't just a thing, it's the only thing. It serves burgers, wings, "fish" sandwiches, breakfast and even a "rib" dinner for special...

The Simple $6 Solution To My House Fly Problem

Scouted selects products independently. If you purchase something from our posts, we may earn a small commission. Millennials’ love of houseplants and succulents is well documented, but what’s not as well known is that indoor plants can also be the perfect breeding ground for certain types of gnats, which thrive on fungus in the soil. So if you’ve filled your home with succulents, cacti, snake plants, money trees, and everything else you can buy...

Here Are the Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2023, According to Design Pros

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Lola by Todd Clark

Lola by Todd Clark

Check Out These Hilariously Sweet Quotes for All You Boy Moms Out There

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Homeowners Beware: Avoid These Tacky Kitchen Faux Pas

Homeowners Beware: Avoid These Tacky Kitchen Faux Pas

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5 Life-Changing Styling Hacks For Thicker, Fuller Hair Over 50 Include Teasing Hair & Using A Root Shadow

As we age our hair ages with us. Does this mean your hair can’t look amazing? Absolutely not. But it can mean that the way you style and care for your hair has to be adjusted if your goal is to make your thinner hair look fuller and healthier. Caleb Backe, a hair expert for Maple Holistics, Teresa Romero, creative director for Sam Villa and artistic/education director for Jose Luis Salon, and say these go-to styling hacks can work wonders.

"No More McDonald's for Me": McDonald's Cheeseburger Viral Prep Video Causes a Stir Online

A video of a McDonald's employee preparing a cheeseburger has caused a stir online, as it shows questionable hygiene practices and a lack of attention to detail, such as skimping on pickles and not putting the patty just in the middle of the bun. And thanks to this video, the reason why your cheeseburger never... Read More

Beautiful Hairstyles for Every Age

There's a perfect haircut for everyone.

Rare Photos of Lucille Ball as a Mom You Haven't Seen Before

"The best part of my life is having children," the actress once said. Lucille Ball was a Hollywood trailblazer in every sense of the word. As the first woman to run a major Hollywood studio, she completely redefined what it means to be a female celebrity. And as the first actress to appear pregnant on television, she opened a door for generations of working women that followed her, especially in the entertainment industry. While fans will always remember the comedian for her goofy high-energy antics and her lovable personality on I Love Lucy, the star had another role that mattered more than anything: Mom. It wasn't always easy raising Lucie and Desi Jr.—especially after her 1960 divorce from their father, Desi Arnaz—but as with her career, she always did her best. Read on to learn more about Lucille's life at home, according to the actress's own words about motherhood and her daughter Lucie's recollections of growing up in the spotlight.

Wordle Today (#716): Wordle answer and hints for June 5

Trying to solve the Wordle today? If you're stuck, we've got a few hints that will help you keep your Wordle streak alive.

When Celebrities Go Too Far: OUTRAGEOUS Baby Names That Should Be Banned by Law

One of the hardest challenges being pregnant is the responsibility of naming your baby. It can become a constant battle of choosing a name that ... The post Celebrity Baby Names That Should Be Illegal: The Most Outrageous Offenders appeared first on Mama of Five.

Don´t Ruin Your Brownies! These Are Our Chef´s Tips On How To Store Brownies

There are 3 methods professional bakers follow when storing brownies that can expand their shelf life and keep them fresh longer. This guide will help keep your brownies soft and chewy, long after the baking is done. We also have 7 brownies recipe recommendations at the end, so keep on reading. How to store brownies;... The post Don´t Ruin Your Brownies! These Are Our Chef´s Tips On How To Store Brownies appeared first on Spatula Desserts.

A knock-off of an award-winning cookbook was spotted online. Several signs, including an untraceable author, point to it being AI-generated.

"I've been dealing with copycats since my book came out and I have tried my best to just grin and bear it," said Joanne Lee Molinaro in her TikTok.

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Get ready to say “I do” to some wedding etiquette do’s and don’ts. Forum users share some helpful tips for avoiding wedding disasters and improper decorum. Don’t worry; I promise it won’t be as stressful as trying to catch the bouquet. 1. Throwing a Huge Bridal Party for Gifts Bridal showers can be a wholesome […]

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Here Are America's Top 10 Favorite Doughnut Flavors

These are America's favorite flavors in a poll by Ranker. 10, Vanilla Frosting with Sprinkles. 9, Double Chocolate. 8, Powdered. 7, Maple. 6, Strawberry Jelly. 5, Chocolate Frosting with Sprinkles...

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