17 Secrets Olive Garden Doesn’t Want You to Know

Here's everything you've wanted to know about your favorite breadstick-serving restaurant. The post 17 Secrets Olive Garden Doesn’t Want You to Know appeared first on Reader's Digest.

What to Wear for Easter

When I was a little girl the thing I loved most about Easter was shopping for a new dress. Not just the new dress either, but the accessories too! This usually involved patent leather shoes… View Post

Cute Couple Wins Wedding of the Year Award When Bride Tosses Cat Plushie Instead of Traditional Flower Bouquet, Winner Gets to Adopt Cute Rescue Kitten

This couple achieved our personal wedding goals! Firstly, they thought of something genius; why do a traditional bouquet toss when you can do a cat toss?! The bride launched a cat plushie high up into the air at the group of guests who waited with bated breath to see who would catch it. See, the person who would catch it was going to get a special prize — not a husband, but a cat! Yep, this couple brought adoptable rescues to their wedding,...

The best wedding guest dresses to get you ready for wedding season

From floral flocks to timeless threads 💐

Size-Flexible Clothing That Goes Up And Down In Size When You Do

If your closet is full because you keep several sizes on hand, clean it out and stock up on these instead.

There's Only One Sofa That Has Stopped House Beautiful's Shopping Editor in Her Tracks

They're comfortable too!

Need a Great Gift, Like, Right Now? Shop Amazon’s New Martha Stewart Store

From birthdays to housewarmings, baby showers to weddings, there is something here for every occasion.

100 Best Spring Instagram Captions About Flowers, New Beginnings and More

These bright and cheery quotes will pair perfectly with all of those new floral snaps.

The Living Room Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023

Will 2023 be the year of daybeds? As 2022 comes to a close (we know, we can't believe it either), we're already looking ahead at what's next for the design world. And, as one of the central gathering spaces in any house, the living room is at the heart of our focus. 2022 proved to be the year of bold wallpaper, warm woods, and a resurgence of antiques—all of which are still going strong. But what's on the other side of the calendar? Well, we spoke with designers and pored over recent projects to get a sense of what we'll be seeing more of in the year to come. The good news? The prognosis is great, with warmth, style, and details galore. Read on to learn what to expect. (Want more trends? Here's what we foresee for colors, kitchens, kitchen cabinets, and more).

Justina Blakeney's Newest Jungalow Collection at Target Has Us Excited For Fall

We’ve been a fan of designer Justina Blakeney for a long time. We’ve followed her on Instagram for years, have a copy of her book Jungalow: Decorate Wild: The Life and Style Guide proudly displayed on our coffee table, and when she first started collaborating with Target in the Opalhouse designed with Jungalow collection, it

Reese Witherspoon's Draper James Line Just Launched Sneakers and They Are Selling Out Fast

And they are pretty affordable too!

Carrie Underwood's Coveted Chicken Sweatshirt Is Currently Under $20

You're going to LOVE this one...

Don’t Spend a Bundle on Your Spin Cycle—Here are 9 Laundry Detergents Under $30

When it comes to finding discount detergent, don't fold under pressure—just shop these laundry detergent deals online for the best prices. The post Don’t Spend a Bundle on Your Spin Cycle—Here are 9 Laundry Detergents Under $30 appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Drip Coffee Maker Vs Keurig: Which One Makes A Better Cup Of Coffee?

What makes a better cup of java: the classic drip coffee maker or a Keurig?

The Best Blackout Shades and Curtains to Buy Right Now

Make any room quieter and darker with these stylish window treatments.

The Craziest Candle Scents You Can Actually Buy

Lavender would have been too easy.

The Unexpected Plant GardenTok Is Obsessed With Right Now

No garden is complete without this delicious plant. You may have recently discovered you have a green thumb and want to take your planting skills to the next level with a garden. But unlike watering your house plants, creating a garden requires some finesse when picking the right plants for the season. You want to ensure your planter boxes and gardens have a mix of perennials, shrubs, and trees for year-round color and interest. And before you start planting seeds, you need to know your USDA Hardiness zone (check yours here) to ensure a plant can survive winter in your climate. Also, you need to pay attention to how much sun or shade area an area of your garden receives. Full sun means 6 or more hours of direct sunlight, while partial sun is about half that timeframe. Full shade means an area gets no direct sun or only a smidge of the morning sun. Follow the plant tag or description because you can’t get around it: Sun lovers need light to flower and flourish, while shade lovers will fry in the hot sun. We have curated a list of the best types of plants every garden needs to thrive.

Bobbi Brown Shares Her Best Beauty Tips For People With Gray Hair

“You need pops of color, there’s no question.”

Romeo Beckham channels Brooklyn's cooking skills by making lamb

The budding chef, 20, took to his Stories to post an image of his seasoned dish, alongside a cosy selfie with his girlfriend Mia Regan.

11 ways to style up your home for Easter

11 ways to style up your home for Easter - Delight the Easter bunny with these sweet decorating ideas, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

25 Easter Nail Ideas That Will Have All the Peeps Talking

Easter is many things: quality family time, adorable baskets for the kiddos and delicious meals. But it’s also a great holiday to show off an on-theme manicure—what other holiday has such fabulous spring colors and cutesy little furballs to work with? Whether it’s the classic iterations of bunnies, chicks and spring florals you’re after or it’s simply the pastel palette for you, here are 25 Easter nail ideas that will have all the Peeps talking....

8 Steakhouse Etiquette Mistakes You May Be Making

Steakhouse etiquette is designed to create a formal-but-friendly experience, but all those rules can seem stuffy. Warm up the experience by learning some of the most common mistakes to avoid. The post 8 Steakhouse Etiquette Mistakes You May Be Making appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Diva extraordinaire Celine Dion is a fashion icon

She's been a mainstay in popular culture for decades now, and it's not just her big voice that gets attention. Canadian songbird Celine Dion takes more fashion risks than the typical celebrity, so it's no surprise that all eyes are on her when she walks into a room (or simply outside). But there's been a lot of trial and error over the years, to be sure. Click through the following gallery to discover Celine Dion's many transformations from the '90s until present days.

25 Shoe Storage Ideas to Clear Your Wardrobe of Clutter

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14 Ways to Use Your Air Fryer You Probably Didn't Think Of

Because air fryers are good for more than just homemade French fries and potato chips...

Megan Fox's Manicurist Just Gave Us The Scoop On Gel Nail Extensions

From what they are to how they're applied.

39 Charming Tiny Homes That We’d Love to Own

Tiny home living never looked so good.

Ami Colé’s Sephora Launch Was A Full-Circle Moment For Its Founder

"We're taking up shelf space and now the next step is to thrive in those spaces,” said founder Diarrha N’Diaye-Mbaye.

A famous HGTV home renovator and more stars without any of their usual glam

See what your favorite stars look like without any makeup in 2023.

Ulta 24-Hour Flash Sale: Take 50% Off St. Tropez, Benefit Cosmetics, Philosophy, GlamGlow, and Nabla

Pamper yourself with $13 skincare and makeup deals from Nabla, GlamGlow, Philosophy, Benefit Cosmetics, and St. Tropez.

The best sofa covers to upgrade your settee just like Stacey Solomon

Just like magic 🎶

25 Celebrities with Over-the-Top Closets

Oh, your closet doesn't have a bar, a Beauty and the Beast-style ladder, or a champagne doorbell, too?

7 Kitchen Trends People Will Be Obsessing Over In 2023

Gray no longer slays.

17 Secret Recipes That Were Just Released for the First Time

Your kitchen is about to get a whole lot more interesting. The post 17 Secret Recipes That Were Just Released for the First Time appeared first on Reader's Digest.

What To Serve With Cottage Pie? 15 Tasty Side Dishes

Cottage Pie, a classic and comforting British dish, is loved by many for its rich flavors and heart-warming effect. Made with minced meat, vegetables, and a fluffy layer of mashed potatoes on top, it's a meal that satisfies on its own. However, pairing it with the perfect side dish can elevate your dining experience to […] The post What To Serve With Cottage Pie? 15 Tasty Side Dishes appeared first on Corrie Cooks.

15 Low-Light Houseplants for Not-So-Green Thumbs

Plus, advice on how to ensure your new verdant beauty thrives.

Best air fryer deals: healthier, low-cost meals for the whole family

Best air fryer deals: healthier, low-cost meals for the whole family - Get ‘em while they’re hot this March

The (Hair) Ties That Bind: A Natural Hair Roundtable

Three Black women discuss their hair histories — from hot combs and relaxers to afros and box braids.

Amazon's Having a Huge Sale on Home Organizing Essentials

From fridge bins to drawer organizers, put viral tricks to the test!

9 Best-Smelling Laundry Detergents, According to Editor Tests

Washing laundry with your favorite detergent scent adds a little luxury to everyday life. But how do you find one you love? We tested the best-smelling laundry detergents so you don't have to. The post 9 Best-Smelling Laundry Detergents, According to Editor Tests appeared first on Taste of Home.

23 Modern Bedroom Ideas to Inspire a Makeover

23 Ideas to Modernize Your Bedroom

Different Toilet Designs To Complement The Style Of Your Bathroom

Toilet shopping isn't the most exciting activity, but a poor choice could ruin the aesthetic of your bathroom. Here are some designs to complement your style.

Easy Decor Ideas to Make Your House Feel Like Spring

Cheerful decorating ideas, right this way!

25 dessert recipes with five ingredients or fewer

Baking or otherwise preparing desserts can be easy—just find a recipe, follow the directions, and you’ll be fine. However, some recipes are packed with an endless number of ingredients, making the prep time lengthy.

The 20 Best Gifts for Dogs and the People Who Love Them

Calling all dog lovers!

13 Best Slides for Women, According to Footwear Experts

Slip into a fun, stylish pair with top-notch cushioning and support.

10 Awesome DIY Cabin Projects

Just because you're away from home doesn't mean you have to give up your home improvements! Here are 10 DIY projects enhancing the character of your cabin and making seasonal maintenance easier.

Why a midi skirt is the perfect transitional fashion staple

Why a midi skirt is the perfect transitional fashion staple - Get on board with this versatile SS23 trend, says Katie Wright.

Here are all the best beauty deals we’re buying on Amazon right now

And there are bargains up to 70% off...

Could you be a househusband?

In this age of gender neutrality and role reversals, it's perhaps no surprise that househusbands are more common than ever. In the United States, for example, the percentage of households with stay-at-home dads has increased exponentially, this despite the fact that men have traditionally linked their 'worth' to their ability in providing for their family's financial needs. But what happens in a relationship when a husband finds he is financially dependent on his wife and the roles reverse? In other words, the breadwinner becomes homemaker? Click through and find out if you could be the man about the house.