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Are you looking for spring cleaning tips? Check out these tips to get your bedrooms organized and decluttered for spring housekeeping.

Spring Cleaning Tips

So, I have been decluttering and cleaning the house for spring.  Right now, I am focusing on decluttering my teenage son’s room.

Since he is a collector of many things from trading cards to magazines, his room always has a cluttered and disorganized look.  As I worked my way through the chaos in his room, here are a few spring cleaning tips I found helpful.

These spring cleaning tips and tricks can be applied to almost any room of your house. I try to spring clean room by room so that I’m not overwhelmed.

This book was a huge help in decluttering. 

I try to keep up on the regular cleaning like dusting and vacuuming so that spring cleaning can really be to deep clean rooms. If you’re wondering when to start spring cleaning, there really isn’t any set rule.

I try to begin when the weather is warm enough to open the windows to air out each room.

Work from the top down

Vacuum up cobwebs, dust on top of the door jam, clear off top shelves.  If you start at the top and work down, finishing with vacuuming the floor, you will get all the dust that may float down from above.

Divide and conquer

If you have a lot of clutter, separate it by type.  I made stacks of papers, piles of different types of magazines, piles of school supplies, and stacks of blankets.

So, as I created each pile, I could handle each task at a time rather than all at once. I stored the magazines and trading cards in their own box after I separated them.

Take notes

As I worked through his room, I took notes on what I needed to replace. I noticed his lamp shade was dingy and that his comforter was somehow leaking feathers everywhere.

I will replace both of those. A duvet cover can really help keep your comforter stay clean.

Wipe everything down

As I organized his bookshelf and bureau, I took a moment to wipe everything down to remove sticky spots and dust. I like to use homemade cleaners.

I have an orange based cleaner and one with tea tree oil to kill germs. Don’t forget to wash the windows and take the curtains down to be washed as well.

I use a homemade Febreze on things that I cannot wash.

Eliminate clothes that are too small

I took a few minutes to go through my son’s bureau and remove anything that was too small or too worn to wear. He’d wear the same torn t-shirt every day if I gave him the chance.

So, if you are short on space, pack away off-season clothes and bedding until next year. I love these boxes.

I hope that these spring cleaning tips will help make the process a little bit less stressful for you this year. Do you have any that really help you?

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