Sitting peacefully in Bangalore, India, designer Vinithra Amarnathan’s abode provides an airy escape from the city’s bustling streets. It’s not a purely Indian space per se: traditional decor and bold patterns aren’t found in every corner. Rather, the culture comes in more subtle forms—through the furniture’s ornate woodwork, swirling ruby red rugs, and lush houseplants that reflect the city’s landscape. 

In fact, Amarnathan’s space is quite cosmopolitan when you take a closer look. The white walls and clean silhouettes have a Scandinavian effect, while midcentury seats and earth tones pull from the U.S.’s ‘70s design school and Japan’s wabi-sabi sensibility. Meanwhile, playful touches breathe life into the space, like flamingo motif wallpaper and an egg chair facing the garden.

Ahead, Amarnathan dives deeper into the design of her abode, from her biggest inspirations to the home’s connection to nature and her favorite travel finds. 

How did you first discover your space? What about it appealed to you? 

Discovering this home came out of a serendipitous development when our rental got sold and we were forced to move in a short time frame. We chanced upon this apartment in the same community and what I loved was it was completely untouched which offered me a blank slate to work with and layer.

Describe the surrounding neighborhood—does your home fit in or stand out? 

I’d say it's somewhere in between. I’ve always wanted to keep my home and all my projects contextual in how it looks and feels with its immediate surroundings. We have beautiful weather, blue skies, and lots of greenery which lends itself to the overall color palette and atmosphere of our home. 

At the same time, the home is a departure in its freshness and design approach. All white walls are then layered with colors, materials, and textures that are reflective of us, which is quite different from the heavy woods and bright colors that are found in a lot of traditional Indian homes.

How would you describe your style and approach to decorating your home? 

I wanted the home to work for me like a canvas to layer my personality. The style is driven by simple midcentury forms and functionality with a classic Scandinavian color palette of whites, taupes, and greys. Pops of my favorite color yellow, warm oak tones and olives appear throughout the home adding warmth!

I wanted the home to be modern and clean while still having unexpected elements like art I’ve collected from my travels, vintage pieces from my parents' home, and natural textures like rattan and jute.

Who or what are your biggest design inspirations?

There are too many. One of my biggest inspirations is Jean Michel Frank's simplicity of forms and his use of materials. Another that comes to mind is Nate Berkus and his approach to layering and mixing pieces of different eras effortlessly.

How does your heritage inform your style?

India is so diverse in its art, textures, and crafts that it really informs my approach to design of starting with simplicity that allows for spaces to co-exist with the rich layers of arts and crafts that India has to offer. 

I have always been fascinated by our art, textiles, and crafts and they form a large part of my own home.

Any other cultures you take design notes from?

Many to be honest. Traveling and experiencing various cultures is a significant part of my life. Some cultures that have stuck with me and informed my design approach are Asian cultures like Sri Lanka and Japan. I’m also quite influenced by Scandinavian design and its classic forms and materiality. 

What were the greatest finds in your home?

Our dining table was our first big purchase when we moved to L.A. We got it at a store auction in Helms Bakery and, to date, the long farmhouse table is one of my favorite pieces in the home. 

Another favorite is a hand-carved stone Buddha bust that we got from a store in Mumbai and the vintage cane back chairs in our living room.

Do you have a favorite design feature or room?

Our living room is part of a large open-plan area and one of my favorite things here is the layout. The entire seating area is anchored around the view of the outdoors and I love how it immediately allows one to connect with nature.

Where in your home do you spend the most time, and what are you usually doing there?

In our living-dining space. We are usually lounging here with music, playing board games, eating our meals, entertaining, or even just taking in a quiet moment!

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