Almost every house that was built before 2010 has extra bedrooms that are all equipped with the same thing; builder-grade closets. I’m talking small closets with a single rod across them, and sliding doors that move from one side to the other.

These closets are all pretty uniform and lack serious character. Often their doors are bland made of wood with matching trim that frames the outer edge of the closet. There really isn’t too much you can do to make these closets look good, but TikToker and DIYer @hillhousediaries may have found the perfect solution to make them look a bit more pleasing to the eyes, and her method is quite simple.

Click here to watch the video.

The woman gets to work, covering up the generic builder-grade closet doors with a simple DIY makeover.

To start the process she removes the doors from the closet and sets them up to be customized. She cuts sections of four-by-eight sanded plywood into strips to make a thick border around each closet door. Next, she used liquid nails to attach the cute sections of plywood and clamps it to dry, she adds caulk to the seams where the plywood meets the doors and fills the seams where the plywood meets each other with Bondo. The woman sands the seems down until everything is smooth and flush, and gives the doors a coat of paint.

After painting the freshly assembled doors the woman attaches them to the closet once they have dried and adds cute pull handles to really make them stand out. We are so in love with this simple DIY.

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