When someone refers to the term ”builder-grade” they are referencing the technique used on their built house, typically the style seen in larger housing developments and commonly built contractor houses. They are often made using the cheapest and most bare bones and basic materials, with features that are “just enough” like small tub/shower combos, basic bedroom closets, and small pantries.

A builder-grade pantry isn't anything special, typically a single door that opens to a small half-closet-sized room that's incredibly shallow, and features a few white wire shelves. This is the closet that TikToker and home DIY @laurenjamison has but she is finding that she is running out of room quickly, so she crafted a simple DIY back-of-door shelf that doubled the space in her small pantry, and it was quite simple to do.

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Since her pantry shelves sit back a little bit further and are not quite flush with the door, she has room to add some extra storage, which she desperately needs!

The woman gets to work crafting up the perfect back-of-door storage solution, starting with a bunch of one-by-two the woman starts laying out a grid and shelf pattern that is the same dimensions as her pantry door. She uses common pantry items like tin foil, canned goods, olive oil jugs, and an apple cider vinegar bottle to get accurate height measurements for her sleeves.

After the frame is laid out she uses wood glue and brad nails to secure it and attaches scrap thin plywood for the back. Thin trim molding is added across to hold the contents on the shelf as the door opens. She coats the entire thing in black paint and secures it to the back of the pantry door.

Creating this shelving unit doubled her pantry space, organized it, and made room for more things!

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