• Bobbi Brown tells Prevention her advice for a youthful-looking neck.
  • The 65-year-old says beyond hydration, moisturizing, and SPF, you can use Jones Road Beauty’s The Bronzer.
  • The makeup mogul shares how to get a younger-looking neck with makeup.

When it comes to beauty advice, we turn to Bobbi Brown. The 65-year-old has decades of makeup knowledge that she’s always ready to share with the world. Recently, the makeup artist and owner of Jones Road Beauty revealed the product she uses for a younger-looking neck: Jones Road Beauty The Bronzer.


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We know what you might be thinking—how could bronzer help turn back the clock? Well, full disclosure, she says this is in addition to drinking ample water, applying sunscreen consistently, and using moisturizer—the Jones Road Beauty founder says a dry complexion can make skin look older.

But, there are ways you can make your neck and decolletage look more youthful with makeup. Brown says your neck should be the same color as your face, which is why she recommends adding bronzer to the area. “When it blends in more, it helps,” she says. “I see a lot of women whose necks are lighter because the face typically gets more sun. I make everything the same color,” she says.

“You don’t want to wear foundation on your chest or it’s going to get on your clothes. A bronzer is a good option. You could also put a little blush on top of the bronzer. You could put moisturizer on and then put bronzer so it’s not too dry,” she says.

As for the technique she uses to apply the bronzer, she says to add it “gently, with a very wide brush, bronzing the neck and décolletage, and then—without dipping it back into the powder—gently rubbing the brush across the face.” But the brush you use to dust it on is also important. “I also created The Bronzer Brush that works really well for this,” she says in terms of application method.

Her brand, Jones Road Beauty, launched the bronzers and the bronzer brush earlier this week. “We have a full range from the palest to the deepest skin,” Brown says. The brand also launched a brush for the product that Brown is excited about. “It’s actually wider than most people’s bronzer brush. I don’t want people to use bronzer to contour…you don’t want a brown brush. You just want to tint the skin. There’s no shimmer in any of the colors. There’s an undertone of either yellow-red depending on your skin color. Sometimes bronzer looks dirty on pale skin and ashy on darker skin tones. They are not like bronzers that make you look pasty and they don’t make you look orange,” she says.

Brown is no stranger to recommending products and techniques. She’s been vocal about the face-transforming makeup tips for women over 50, the best quick beauty tips for those with rosacea, and so much more. She goes the extra mile for fans by sharing many of her must-have recommendations and how-tos via TikTok. But lucky for us, Brown is a columnist in Prevention, so we’re able to offer extra insight from the mogul.

Shop some more of her beauty and skincare must-haves below, so you can have a Bobbi Brown-approved routine.

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