• Nicole Kidman reveals her favorite hair serum.
  • The 55-year-old swears by the GRO hair serum for thicker hair, which is currently discounted at 25% off.
  • Here’s where to shop the serum and more of her must-have products from the brand.

Whether stepping onto the red carpet or into the crowd of one of her husband’s concerts, Nicole Kidman always seems to look incredible. From her glowing, clear skin to her fiery thick, curly hair, we’re always on the hunt for some of the star’s beauty secrets. Lucky for us, the 55-year-old recently shared the product behind her gorgeous tresses: Vegamour’s GRO hair serum, which is currently 25% off.


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Kidman is a huge fan of the brand and its science-backed offerings. In fact, she’s so committed to Vegamour’s mission that she’s officially partnered with the company. “Today, it’s clear that hair wellness is about everything: the exterior and the interior,” she wrote on Vegamour’s site. “If you’re not caring for your body, mind, and scalp, you’ll see an impact on your hair’s health.”

So what exactly makes the GRO hair serum Kidman’s “absolute favorite” product? Made with organically-grown, wildly-harvested ingredients such as mung bean, curcumin, and red clover, this formula is designed to strengthen and promote the appearance of thicker, fuller, and longer hair. And, as Kidman pointed out on Vegamour’s Instagram, the GRO hair serum gets the job done. “Since I’ve been using it, I have thicker, stronger, better hair,” she shares. “I just do.”

Of course, don’t just take Kidman's word for it: In a clinical study, participants noticed their hair’s density increased by up to 52% and shedding decreased by as much as 76%. All you need to do is apply a droplet to dry or towel-dried hair, massage the formula into your scalp, and let this serum do its thing.

If you want to give Kidman’s secret weapon a try, now’s the best time to do so. Now through February 28, Vegamour is offering 25% off its kits with code KITS25. A single bottle of the GRO hair serum usually costs $48; but, you can currently buy a pack of three for $111, saving $30 in the process. Because if Kidman’s glowing review is any indication, you’ll definitely want to stock up while they’re on sale.

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