Avaaz Role in Global Activism

Avaaz is an online campaigning organization that promotes global activism on issues such as human rights, corruption, and poverty. Statistics reveal that Avaaz is one of the largest and the most powerful activist network in the world. The organization was launched in the year 2007 with its name meaning-voice. Avaaz’s democratic mission is to organize citizens of all nations to minimize poverty gap. Its empowerment is diversified to people from all over the world to take actions on pressing issues such as poverty or corruption. Using the sophisticated internet skills from their team of highly skilled experts, the rising ethic of global independences no longer applies.

Avaaz has a single specialized team that has a mandate to address any public issues thus allowing the company to conduct campaigns of flexibility and extraordinary nimbleness. In essence, the organization’s online community works on seeking attention to new issues. In the year 2009, during the Iranian presidential elections protests, Avaaz team of online IT experts setup proxy servers that would allow protestors to upload new videos and information on public domains. Additionally, the organization extended its services in the contribution of political campaigns in the year 2016 where it campaigned against Donald Trump. Further, Avaaz created a software tool specifically for oversea registration in an aim to defeat trump.

Avaaz Global Campaigns

A team of experienced campaigners from all over the world manages Avaaz global campaigns and foresees the company’s implementation. The team conducts its campaigns via email and other campaigning tactics such as videos and public petitions. In some cases, the company also employs the advice of advertisement commissions on the best moves to conduct a campaign. Since Avaaz does not accept donations from corporations or foundations and campaigns may be expensive, Avaaz relies on private donors and sponsors.