Beneful Grain Free Dog Food Rates Two Paws Up

If your dog is like mine, they beg for anything we’re having to eat. We want to do right by our best friend, so we say no. But let me ask, are you as picky when it comes to their dog food? Well, you should be. Chances are you chosen a brand from your supermarket. Your dog gobbles it down but what happens once it’s inside his or her body?

Dogs are meat eaters – pure and simple. Their bodies simply cannot absorb a plant-based diet. How can Beneful grain free dog food keep your pet healthy? The first ingredient in our grain free dog food is real meat; farm raised beef and chicken. They’ve added a hint of blueberries, pumpkin and spinach and Beneful’s lacrosse camp.

To this end, Beneful grain free dog food fulfills what you are looking for in a dog food. It rates the government regulated labeling of 100% “complete and balanced” – not all dogs foods are permitted to use this term. Your best buddy will give you two paws up for the taste of Beneful Grain Free.

Rubica- Easy To Use Personal Cyber Security

Today personal cyber security has become more of a necessity than an option. If you don’t have a computer security software installed on your computer you leave yourself wide open to malware, spyware, and viruses. Investing in a sophisticated personal cyber security software for your computer could potentially extend the life of it, and give you more peace of mind when using it.

Having your personal computer hacked can have a devasting effect on your life. Once a hacker has gained access to your computer they can hold all of your information in exchange for ransom. Recently, the world’s largest ransomware attack was unleashed, it targeted many countries in Europe and Asia. The degrees of damage caused by the cyber attack vary from not being able to send or receive emails, to causing interference in some of the daily operations of FedEx.

There’s one sophisticated personal cyber security software called Rubica. Rubica can be downloaded onto a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Once you have installed the software all of your data will be routed through Rubica’s secure network and analyzed by real people, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Rubica’s approach provides the highest level of security for its customers.

Marc Sparks Explains why he Wrote a Book

Marc Sparks is not an ordinary man as he does not believe in mediocrity. This might be the reason why he wrote a book called They Can’t Eat You- My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success. Marc Sparks says that he wrote the book to inspire people who are yet to succeed in life. However, he recently explained why he wrote the book after being asked this question too many times by people including his friends. He explained why people write books. In this explanation, he lists money and ego as the top reasons. Concerning money, Marc Sparks explains that books rarely make enough money to cover the cost of producing them. He also goes ahead to say that ego is a tricky thing. It’s for this reason that he mentions that every living thing has an ego. The difference comes in the size of the ego. Some people have small egos while other have big egos. Learn more:


He finally says that he wrote the book to inspire others. He didn’t do it for money or ego. Marc Spark says that this is a question that he asked himself severally when writing the book. This is a book that took the man 3 years and 11 copies. He acknowledges that he is surprised by the response at which people received his book. During the course of writing, he gave up a few times but his ego of competitiveness would not allow him to quit. Having graduated with a grade of C+ is high school, Marc Sparks says that he was not sure of the response he would receive about his book. He says that he focused his book on giving back to the society. He gives an example of how well educated people from recognized institutions are struggling to succeed regardless of the resources at their disposal. Learn more:


Outside publishing, Marc Sparks is a businessman and a venture capitalist. As a venture capitalist, Marc Sparks spends his time listening to ideas and deciding whether they deserve to be funded. Through this venture, he has established a fund initiative known as Spark Tank. In business, Sparks specializes in telecommunication industry. His known investments in this field include Blue Jay Wireless, Splash Media and Cardinal Telecom. As a smart investor, he knows the importance of diversification. He has investments in other industries such as business solutions and real estate. As a man who loves giving back to the society, he has been involved with several causes in the Dallas community. His notable roles include his involvement with the Samaritan Inn that focuses on feeding the homeless people in Dallas. He has also been involved with another venture known as Habitat for Humanity where he helped build homes for the less privileged. Learn more:


Warren Buffet Takes an Investment Gamble

Warren Buffet placed a $1 million bet for charity; that he would make more money than a group of hedge fund managers by only investing in an S&P 500 index fund. He surely seems that he is going to win his bet this year. Mr. Buffet is correct, especially now that the market is flooding with expensive and mediocre funds. His approach to bottom-up investing has proved to be a surefire method over the decades. However, there are several major considerations buffet needs to take. First, many mutual funds provide poor long-run returns due to high management fees and excessive trading and more information click here.

Volatility risks and opportunity costs of passive index investments are underestimated. Also, the notion that passive index funds offer the better path to retirement is wrong; since they have no protection against poor markets and more than half of the investors do not know the risks they’re exposed to. Despite the fact that funds that have been actively managed have done worse for the past couple of years, nevertheless, there are some exceptions. Looking for low expenses and funds where the manager invests highly in their fund will give a group of fund managers who constantly perform better than the market averages and learn more about Tim.

About Tim Armour

Tim Armour is a man who wears many hats on his head. He is the chairman and C.E.O of the Capital Group of Companies. He doubles as the chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., which is part of the Capital Group Company. He also heads the Capital Management Committee as its chairman. As if that is not enough, he is an equity portfolio manager. All these achievements can be accredited to his long experience in the capital group, which spans 32 years.

Tim, however, began his journey as an equity investment analyst at Capital Group. He also once was a participant in The Associate’s program. He attended Middlebury College where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. When asked how investors are supposed to locate an active manager who earns his keep, Tim shared a simple philosophy. He made it clear that index funds cannot make distinctions on market trends. He added that reliable financial managers are needed to catch these trends and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

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End Citizens United Finds Renewed Momentum in 2017

In 2010 the Supreme Court made a decision regarding a conservative group by the name of Citizens United. Citizens United, a right wing production, wanted to argue for looser regulations and less strict control of how campaign financing works. Their obvious goal was to make sure that lobbying and special interests could play a major role in the political machine. Despite how obviously terrible this was, Citizens United succeeded in opening up the doors for more dark money flooding into the political world. Since then political action committees and progressive candidates around the country have been fighting in order to repeal the damaging legislation. One such group by the name of End Citizens United appears to have the inside track on actually making this happen.


End Citizens United was established by Tiffany Muller, who also operates as the President of the PAC. The reason that she established End Citizens United was simple: she wanted to make the name of her committee a reality. Where many other committees attempted and failed to do any long term damage to the Citizens United decision, End Citizens United looks like it is going to be much more effective and much more organized. The reason for their efficiency is simple: people are wanting their voices to be heard, especially after the tragic election of Donald Trump tot he highest office in the world.


Through the first quarter of 2017 End Citizens United saw donations like they had never seen before. Over 100,000 United States citizens donated to the cause and that helped to bring in nearly $4 million in such a short time span. Muller says that angry progressives and upset centrists know that Donald Trump is damaging the White House and the United States and that has been what has driven so much passion toward the project. Still, despite this high level of donations, the average amount given was only $12. This shows that End Citizens United is truly a united front of regular, every day citizens who believe that their voice is more important than their wallet and that they shouldn’t have to sacrifice one to gain the other.


End Citizens United is attacking the Citizens United decision in the most fundamental way possible: they are backing politicians who are promising and campaigning on bringing legislation forward to amend the decision. Most recently we have seen End Citizens United endorse Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. Senator Whitehouse has been a champion of campaign finance reform and having End Citizens United standing behind him bodes well for his re-election campaign heading into the 2018 election year. End Citizens United and Tiffany Muller know that 2018 is their biggest year ever so they are trying to raise nearly $35 million in advance.


Why Bob Reina Believes Talk Fusion Has Done Well

Bob Reina is always on the move in video marketing, and it’s been a field he’s passionate about and often writes about at the HuffPost and sometimes MarTech Advisor ( Reina sat down with Inspirery and discussed what Talk Fusion means. He said the company doesn’t merely service small businesses but has also helped many bigger companies. He said what makes Talk Fusion special is that they value helping people make money just as much as making their own profits, which is why the company has used multilevel marketing as its model. He also says its helpful to get started with marketing products from within your own circle of friends as he did with friends from the police department. Learn more:

Bob Reina always wanted to help people as part of his profession, which is why he started out as a Tampa police officer. But he later felt the disappointments of the job because of the long shifts and time away from his family, so he left and began to explore starting a business through direct selling. Most of the companies he started with ended up dissolving down the road, so he decided to do something different. In 2004 while on vacation, he found a need for being able to send videos through email, and three years later he and his friend Jonathan Chen came up with a program for that. Reina and Chen soon had video email software using WebRTC technology and that became Talk Fusion.

Today Talk Fusion has emails, newsletters, conferencing and a chat app that are all a part of its subscription. Talk Fusion associates sell the products and earn commission, and if they are very successful doing so they might earn a free luxury vacation or brand new expensive car. Talk Fusion now has free trials for the programs that don’t even need a credit card to use. Bob Reina has been a philanthropist as well as part of the Tampa community animal rescue and shelter societies, and he’s wanted Talk Fusion to help groups like those. Talk Fusion associates can now give a premium Talk Fusion account to any charity they want as part of this program.

The Keys To Hosting A Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting

Holding a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting party in your home is a fun and informal way to relax with friends. It’s very simple to hold one of these parties and having a huge knowledge of wines is no requirement. It doesn’t require any preparation or cleanup time and only minimal grocery shopping is needed. It can also be very affordable depending on the wines you choose to feature.

One way to approach the wine tasting event is to concentrate on just one variety of wine with each bottle coming from a different region of the world. Another approach would be to limit the wines to just those that come from different areas of the state you are in. With any approach you take, it’s best to limit the selection of wine to just four or five varieties. In order to prepare everyone to taste the wines, it’s a good idea to start off with an aperitif wine or cocktail which refreshes the palate.

The wine accessories you will need to have on hand includes wine glasses, a corkscrew, water, a palate cleanser, a spittoon for each guest, a large bucket, tinfoil (for blind tastings), a white cloth, and notepaper as well as pens (for taking note). If you don’t own enough wine glasses they can be rented for the day for about $1-3 each.

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that sells wine through their network of Wine Guides. It was founded in 2001 in Ipswich, Massachusetts and is led by Rick Libby. Each Wine Guide operates as their own business and is usually run out of the Wine Guides home. The Wine Guides are able to freely set their own schedule, work environment, and income. The Wine Guides hold informal wine tastings in their clients home that feature the wines supplied by Traveling Vineyard, After the tasting, the client and guests can order any of the wines they enjoyed during the sampling.

To get started as a Wine Guide, the only requirements are to love wine and enjoy teaching people about it. Otherwise, they get all the training and support they need from Traveling Vineyard.

For more information about Travelign Vineyard, just click here.

Vijay Eswaran – Multi-Talented and Dynamic Personality and Founder of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman of the multinational corporation, QI Group, based in Hong Kong. He is amongst the most successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia and is known globally for his company, QI Group, which has a worldwide presence. QI is a successful MLM enterprise that has regional branches in over 30 countries.

As his father used to work for the Malaysian Ministry of Labor, he traveled extensively during his childhood across Malaysia. After his high school, he moved to London, where he studied Socio-Economics at London School of Economics. After his studies completed in London, he worked across Europe doing various jobs, starting from working at a construction site to being an executive at a Vineyard. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

During his stay in the United Kingdom, he learned about the binary system marketing and got glued to it. It is because of his interest in binary system marketing; he pursued and received professional qualification certification from CIMA as well to master his skills.

In the year 1986, he received a degree in Masters in Business Administration from the Southern Illinois University. He went on to work at a firm called Synaptics in the United States, where he was associated with MLM marketing.

Vijay Eswaran returned to Malaysia soon after, where a firm named Cosway Group approached him to manage the company’s business operations in the Philippines. It was a multi-level marketing enterprise, and working with Cosway Group, triggered his ambition to make it big in the MLM industry.

In the year 198, Vijay Eswaran finally started an MLM firm that grew into a multi-model and international corporation, known famous across the globe today as QI Group. The company is involved in many different industries, including consumer goods, wellness products, digital products, telecommunications, corporate investments, luxury products, travel, media, and training.

Through its subsidiary companies, QI Group has a presence in over 30 countries today and plans to branch out in many more countries in the years to come.

Vijay Eswaran is a highly renowned speaker and has spoken at national and international events, most notable of which are at World Economic Forum and Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, one of the most significant events held in India, hosted by the Indian Government.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Mike Baur’s Business Career

Mike Baur’s business career has been quite diverse during the last two decades. When he first started his career, he worked in the banking industry. After working in the banking industry, Mike would then begin spending his time investing in startup companies. Recently, Baur started up a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. The one common thing that Mike has experienced during his career, is working with various startup companies. During his stint in the banking industry, he helped entrepreneurs get financing for their various projects. His experience with startup investing helped him find out the potential of how profitable these companies can be. Lastly, Mike has worked with entrepreneurs in his own business by providing them with guidance and advice on how to run their companies better.


Baur’s company Swiss Startup Factory specializes in providing coaching and mentorship for a number of Swiss based companies. When the company is looking to get new businesses, it holds an event. During this event, Swiss Startup Factory allows business owners the opportunity to present their idea for a business. Mike and the company will then evaluate the business idea and then decide to provide it with assistance. When Swiss Startup Factory works with businesses, it helps them find out ways to get financing in the form of loans and raise capital. It also helps entrepreneurs, figure out how to manage operations more efficiently and market more effectively.


The mentorship and coaching provided by Swiss Startup Factory has helped a number of businesses reach their full potential. During the course of the company’s existence, Swiss Startup Factory has been able to assist companies in consistently reaching their goals. By providing tips and solutions on how to market more effectively, Swiss Startup Factory has helped businesses get more customers more easily. It has also helped companies run their operations better and find ways to improve the quality of their products and services.


Over the past few years, Mike Baur has helped make Swiss Startup Factory into one of the very best companies in Switzerland. His experience working with startup businesses has been very important to making the company a success. By working in the banking industry assisting entrepreneurs, Baur was able to use this experience to help provide financial advice. Investing in startups allowed him to figure out how these companies work and how they succeed. As a result, Mike was then able to give startup companies the feedback they need in order to excel in other aspects of the business.

Launching of the 2016 Gold Summit

On an article published by PRNewswire on September 28th, 2016, US Money Reserve launched a DRTV (direct response television) show that is known as 2016 Gold Summit. US Money Reserve is among the largest private distributors of both the US and also foreign government-issued platinum, silver and gold legal tender products in the world.

The new show which is 28 minutes long, will take place at the Los Angeles’ 2016 Gold Summit. Larry King will act as the moderator of the show. The program will also feature Michael Reagan who is President Ronald Reagan’s eldest son. Reagan stated in the program that his father Ronald Reagan strongly believed that every citizen in America had the right to own gold.

There is also a segment in the show where three panelists from the US Money Reserve speaks in depth about the advantages of owning gold in the US government, the dollar together with its buying power, volatility in the financial market currently and also the global events that impacted the bull market of gold. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The members of the panel include Brad Castillo who is the US Money Reserve’s former Vice President of Sales, John Rothans who is Master Numismatist at the US Money Reserve and Philip Diehl who is the President at the US Money Reserve and also the chairman at the Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

Angela Koch who is the CEO of the US Money Reserve, said that the new show, 2016 Gold Summit Show, is prove of the talent and hard work of the company’s award-winning team of production. She added that they were honored to have Larry King acting as the moderator of the show as the panelist are discussing critical topics that concern the market of precious metals. Angela further said Michael Reagan and Larry King were brought together to this unique program by their longstanding relationship.

US Money Reserve is among the biggest private distributors in the nation of US government issued silver, gold and also platinum products. Since it was started in 2001, the company has grown to become of the biggest distributors in the world of the precious metals.

Many clients from all over United States rely on the US Money Reserve in diversifying their assets through physical precious metals, mostly in the form of US silver and gold coins. The company has employed a talented and experienced team of employees who include numismatics and coin researchers.