Jeremy Goldstein is Thriving in his Law Career

Several determinants influence the sustainability of the economic environment. Managing these factors is not an easy task for numerous corporations. Jeremy Goldstein has observed this situation and understood what it could cause. Long-term investors and employees are at risk of losing incentives. Jeremy is an attorney of the law, but he is also knowledgeable in finance.

During his career, Jeremy worked with Verizon, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. This experience gave Jeremy knowledge about earnings per share. Jeremy outlines the benefit and shortcoming of using performance-based pay programs. EPS are an ideal strategy, concerning employee incentives. For investors like shareholders, EPS determines whether they will buy or sell stocks. Research has proved that using EPS in the pay structure will make companies thrive more.

The downside of EPS is when it is faced with competition. EPs can cause partiality towards CEOs of companies and favoritism. CEOs will have power over metrics instead of having collective control. As a result, this situation will result in inaccurate results.

Jeremy Goldstein believes a compromise is a solution to the benefits and shortcomings of EPS. Companies do not have to eliminate EPS or pay per performance. Instead, they can choose to make CEOs and executives accountable for what they do. It will ensure that pay per performance is by the long-term goals of the firm. This approach will guarantee sustainability and recurrent growth in shares.

Today, Jeremy Goldstein owns his law firm. He attended New York University School of Law. His time with large entities prepared him to become a successful attorney. Jeremy’s name appears in the list of the Legal 500. He was also included in the Chamber USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business.

Apart from representing clients, Jeremy has authored various journals of law. He ensures his work is recent information that will help all the audiences. His reputation has earned him positions and recognition in certain places. Jeremy sits on the advisory board of the NYU Journal of Law and Business. He also chairs the committee of Mergers and Acquisitions of the Executive Compensation.

Doing business is not enough for Jeremy Goldstein. He believes in CSR and giving back to the community. Making a positive impact in the society is important. For this reason, he donates to Fountain House. It is an organization that helps people with mental illnesses. By supporting this organization, he knows he is there for people who need his help.


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Adam Milstein Works To Enhance Peace Among The Israelis

Adam Milstein is an active philanthropist, an investor and a community leader born in Haifa, Israel. He is the eldest son of Hillel Milstein and Eva Milstein. His family moved to Kiryat Yam from Haifa while he was still very young. Adam Milstein has two younger siblings, Yehoshua and Dalit. He is president of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.



In 1971, Adam joined the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) and served there during the Yom Kippur War. Adam Milstein also took part in crossing Suez Canal and worked under the command of Ariel Sharon. He enrolled in Technion where he studied Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics and graduated in 1978. In his higher education years, Adam Milstein joined the farther in expanding the real estate developments and construction business. He married her wife, Gila Elgrably, in 1974 and migrated to the United States in 1981.


Achievements and Philanthropic Work

Adam received his Masters of Business Administration Degree from Southern California University, two years after he moved to the United States. He oversees the firm’s disposition, financing, and accounting in the Hager Pacific Properties where he is the managing partner, and follow his Twitter.



Adam is the co-founder of Israeli-American Council, one of the well-known Jewish organization in America. He was named the national chairman of this firm recently. Adam Milstein also is a board member of the StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowship, American Israel Public Affairs Committee Jewish Funders Network, Israel on Campus Coalition and Birthright Israel.



Adam is a role model to many young people especially ones from Israel and the neighboring countries. His work has helped many people in Israel. He also has motivated students to believe in philanthropic work. He has been celebrated worldwide for his work as a leading figure. He inspires the next generation of communal leaders and philanthropist, and learn more about Adam.

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Gregory Aziz Has Big Plans Ahead

The history of National Steel Car makes this one of the most important companies in the history of Canada. It has helped bring so many industries alive and it continues to form an important part of the economy due to the way that they provide freight car services to those in need. Many others are trying to understand everything about them, but they operate a complex business. Gregory Aziz is a big factor behind all of this and he wants to be recognized for what he has done. His legacy is going to be one of the most well remembered out there.


There are plenty of reasons to talk about National Steel Car and how James Aziz has played such an important role in keeping it running in the modern day. He understands what it needed to do to adjust and he took every single chance he could to help it modernize. His work has made National Steel Car into a company that is still relevant in this day and age of technology. That feat is something to be impressed about no matter what but the amount of revenue he’s managed to get into there has also amazed many people. Go To This Page for related information.


Gregory James Aziz has made himself the center of the progress of this corporation. It has always been one of the most successful companies in the history of Canada, but it is now one of the most important. You don’t have the ability to do much of anything without relying on freight cars. This makes the work of James Aziz that much more important in context. He is the backbone of the logistics that allows much of what we do to happen. From energy to manufacturing freight cars are used in just about all of the major industries he supports.


Greg Aziz has done many things in his life and he wants to do everything he can to help support the company that he is now CEO of. This is just one way that he does it and he have any other plans down the road. Aziz has helped make one of the oldest and most successful companies in Canada relevant and directed it towards the future. That accomplishment says a lot about him and who he is. It shows that he has insight where others simply don’t. He does everything he can to make sure that insight is able to help National Steel Car thrive.

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Gregory Aziz Heading New Projects of the National Steel Car

National Steel Car, led by Gregory J Aziz as its President and CEO, has come a long way to reach its current status of a leader in Canadian manufacturing of rolling stock. Having been in its line of work for well over a hundred years, the National Steel Car has had its share of both difficulties and prosperities.



Up to date, the business is under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz. Gregory J Aziz bought it more than twenty years ago and immediately started working towards expansion. Previously, Gregory J Aziz worked in the family business called Affiliated Foods. The company is now working globally by importing foods from Europe and Latin America, among other places, and distributing them across the United States of America and Canada. Gregory J Aziz completely switched industries, but his business experience was still beneficial.



Previously, National Steel Car designed, manufactured and delivered 177 railroad cars. They will be used later on to transport potash from the mine from which it is sourced to Port Moody, B. C. where the potash will be handled and stored in the K+S company’s local facility.



Dr. Ulrich Lamp who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the corporation stated that the delivery of any railroad transportation cars signifies only one thing- that the company is close to starting on its latest massive project. The company expected that they would be able to begin production in the second quarter of 2017.



The total of the order was 531 railroad transportation cars that national Steel car will be designing, manufacturing, and delivering to the K + S Potash. The cars are slightly shorter in length, but at the same time, they can be filled up while in motion. That is an excellent touch to enhance productivity especially since they can hold the same volume of the load as regular sized cars.



The Senior Manager of Logistics and Transportation Steffen Brill explained that the arriving transportation cars would be loaded at the facility in Port Moody by an automatic conveyor. After that, the load will be sent from the warehouse directly to loaded on a ship in one of the most modernized facilities handling potash. From that center, the stash will be distributed around the globe. Steffen Brill added that the initial order of 531 cars will be enough for the weekly requirement of the company for the first few months and that more cars will be needed later on. See This Page for more information

The Milstein Philanthropic Legacy

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American real estate investor who has lead lead an exciting and truly exceptional life. Adam Milstein focuses most of his philanthropic efforts on bettering the lives of the Jewish people.The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation works to better American-Israeli relations and has had a huge impact in Israel and for the Jewish people. Adam Milstein philanthropic efforts are often focused towards programs that will help with life path of the young Jewish population. Focusing on life path and creating opportunities for youth is a cause that Adam Milstein has dedicated his life. SifriyatPijamaB’America,an organization which provides free literature written in Hebrew teaches Jewish values to over 70 thousand Jewish Americans. Milstein has been named one of the most influential people on Jewish Twitter and maintains a podcast quite popular in furthering his cause. Adam Milstein is a perfect example of a philanthropist who not only dedicates funds but also time and many resources. It is clear that his beliefs and values are an intricate part of the Jewish community, Jewish lives and the culture in general.

In continuing with the theme of helping young Jewish people the Milstein foundation has formed several partnerships with large universities in order to maintain contact and perspective with those who will lead the Jewish Community well into the next century.

Adam Milstein has made it quite clear that rather than viewing philanthropy as an arduous, time consuming and nuisance of a task. it is, in fact, philanthropy and this labor of love that keeps him motivated and feeling alive as he grows older and wiser. Certainly the Milstein Foundation will continue to have an exceptional impact on its countless beneficiaries for years to come and is a perfect blueprint for young Jewish leaders who would be interested in following in the legacy of such a great man.

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Dick And Betsy Never Stop Giving

The Dream Team

Dick and Betsy DeVos are two individual who have done amazing things together and separate. They use their wealth and influence to do amazing things for the community and for the world.


Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is an individual who is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a businessman. His father is Richard DeVos, and he was the founder of Amway. Dick Devos worked at his family business for many years, and he went on to create a number of businesses himself; DeVos is an individual who is also very involved in the GOP, and he ran for governor of Michigan in 2012. DeVos is the 67th richest person in the United States. Devos is a person who has a deep love of aviation; he was appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Council, and he serves as the senior advisor on aviation management, policy, and spending. Dick Devos put his passions to work by launching an aviation academy called the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010.


Betsy DeVos

Betsy was also born and raised in Michigan. Devos is a philanthropist and she currently serves as the United States Secretary of Education. Devos was appointed to her position because of her dedication to education. She supports school choice and she advocates for charter schools. Devos has served on the board of the Alliance for School Choice, and she also was chair of All Children Matter.


Putting Their Funds To Good Use

Both Dick and Betsy DeVos were able to inherit wealth from their families, apart from that, they both worked hard to build their own wealth. The Devos’ are grateful individuals who wanted to use their wealth to better the world. They decided to create a fund to support different funds and charities. This foundation is called The DeVos Family Foundation. This is a foundation that was started in 1989. This foundation has helped thousand of people to have more access to health care, education, and human services. Through this fund, Dick and Betsy DeVos have been able to donate over 138 million dollars to causes that they are passionate about.


Their Dedication To Michigan

Dick and Betsy DeVos truly love their community. That is the reason why they have fought for education reform and labor laws in Michigan. The DeVos have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to hospital, schools, and museums in the state of Michigan. They are dedicated to the progress of the people and the neighborhoods in their home state. Not only are Dick and Betsy DeVos individuals who are driven to give, but they have encouraged and inspired their children to do the same. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital’s pathway to excellence

Madison street capital provides global financial opinions to businesses. It enables the companies to make the profitable investment decision, manages transactions, access credits, merger, and professional procurement advice as well as company appraisal services worldwide. The company is also a registered broker and a member of Financial Regulatory Authority.

The company has sectors of the industry ranging from Fairness and solvency opinions, private debt placements, investment appraisals, ESOP advisory, Restructuring, and M&A. In a recent gala that got held on the 13th of November 2017, Madison Street Capital emerged the winner of Debt Financing Deal award.

The Firm has assisted a variety of recognized companies hence earning Madison Street Capital reputation as the best in the sector.

Madison Street Capital in 2014 advised vital care industry, an Illinois-based company in the selection of appropriate lender as well as getting a financial loan. The company later in 1984 produced sterile medical supplies courtesy of MSC advice.MSC co-founder and chief operating officer Anthony Marsala was chosen by an association of proficient analysts and evaluators for a 40 under forty award which is a program that recognizes young business heads with remarkable experience in the business field.

The Madison Street Capital in 2017 triumphed with Turnaround award after competing with over 300 companies as a result of streamlining its transactions below $25 million in 2016. It assisted with valuations for DCG Software in merging with SpitFire Group.

MSC also advises corporations like ARES Security for large investment transactions. It offered financial advice to WLR Automotive Group, a company based in Maryland and runs approximately twenty car maintenance, repair, and cleaning centers.

Madison Street Company’s contribution to charitable organizations has also earned its reputation. Since it believes in dedication to other people’s needs and philanthropic organizations, it donated funds in 2011 after the damage got caused by severe weather in Eastern and Midwestern United States. It also gives to non-profit making organizations like the American Red Cross and United Way to impact change within both local and worldwide communities. The United Way focuses on identifying and finding solutions to vital problems affecting the community. MSC motivates its visitors to become philanthropist through its website.

The Madison Street Company excellence was also due to its well-trained professionals as well as offering quality services to many remarkable firms. The professionals comprehend that every situation requires scrutiny and accurate recommendations. The company’s reputation got enhanced through its award-winning, positive reviews, testimonials and better business ratings. The company attracts new customers yearly due to providing quality work to its clients and its attention to details.


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Securus Technologies Top Notch Correctional Technology Firm in the United States

Securus Technologies has grown into a correctional firm in the past decade that offers not only innovative technologies but also high-end investigative services and solutions. It has a wide range of products and services on offer to the correctional industry at affordable prices, which is one of the primary reasons why the company has been able to dominate the industry. Securus Technologies has received the top ratings from the Better Business Bureau for maintaining high standards in its product development process and customer service, which signifies the dedication of the company towards its customers and investors. Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and also has satellite offices in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta.


Securus Technologies currently provides services to more than 3,450 correctional facilities, and this figure is expected to grow in the next few years as the top management of the company eyes massive expansion in other parts of the country other than North America where it leads the correctional industry. Securus Technologies has understood that to stay in the business of correctional services, it has to continually develop its products and services and upgrade the products it offers. It is for this reason; the company’s CEO Rick Smith has announced that Securus Technologies has invested close to $600 million in the past few years in research and development as well as patent acquisition.


Recently, Securus Technologies also acquired Jpay Inc, which is a firm offering a wide range of core correctional services like money transfer services, educational services, job opportunities, music download, and more, to the inmates. Such inmate services help the end users to improve their lifestyle when incarcerated. It has helped Securus Technologies to broaden its hold on the correctional industries and provide them the access to a broader market in the correctional industry. The company has received a massive amount of positive reviews of its services online, which has helped the company build a solid reputation in the market.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Retires From Bradesco

There are many exciting things happening in Brazil. With all of the economic growth, many companies are doing better financially than ever before. This is especially true in the banking industry. As the economy improves, more people have access to capital. This is resulting in millions of people buying homes for the first time. This helps banks increase both sales and profits.

Bradesco is one of the largest companies in Brazil. At one time, the bank was not doing well financially. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the CEO for many years, but he has recently announced his decision to retire. Bradesco is now going to pick a new CEO to lead the company.

The Career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had an interesting career path to become the CEO of Bradesco. Unlike a lot of prominent business leaders today, he did not come from a wealthy family or a fancy college. His parents were actually poor farmers. However, he decided to work as hard as possible to attend college. He had to work multiple jobs as a child, but he was eventually able to go to college and study business.

While he was in college at University of Sao Paolo, he took a menial job at a local bank. This is where he really started to see what the banking industry was all about. After graduation, he took another job at a bank in a major city. This is where his career really started to improve.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi worked his way up the corporate ladder quickly. Not only was he educated, but he also had a passion to learn as much as possible. When the CEO position opened up at Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was given the opportunity to lead the company.

Read more: Bradesco: New president to leave executive body, says Trabuco

Early Years

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi first started with Bradesco, the company was in bad financial shape. Many people were worried that the company was going to fire a large percentage of the workforce. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi came in and made a promise that he would not lay off any workers. Instead, he made some major changes to the business in order to increase sales and profits according to

Some of the changes that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made did not work out. However, he was a good CEO that people enjoyed working for. Not only did he have a great business mind, but he also invested time and money into the local community. About a year ago, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started to work on a transition plan with Bradesco being the new chairman of the board. He announced his retirement, and now the company is working through an internal pool of candidates. It will be interesting to see who the company hires.

Future Plans for Growth

Bradesco has a great opportunity to grow in the years ahead. The company has numerous products and services that customers enjoy. In addition, Bradesco has a solid online platform that makes online banking much easier on customers. This is something that a lot of younger customers enjoy.

Brazil is in the midst of a major economic growth cycle. Over the next few years, many economic experts believe that the country is going to continue growing at a rapid rate. Although Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is retired, he still spends time and money helping others in the community. He left a solid legacy at Bradesco.

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The Business Method Behind Dick DeVos’ Philanthropy

There’s a strong strategy that exists with every successful business professional.


Like Dick DeVos, that strategy can put you in a place to give substantially.


Dick DeVos is no exception when it comes to business strategy and the character needed for making a business impact with. This character takes into account the ability to think on your feet and to provide unexpected solutions when the pressures of success weight down on you.


Dick DeVos began his work as an entrepreneur young, and this was a great benefit to his philanthropy that followed.


His family brought him into the Amway business opportunity, and the timing couldn’t have been perfect for young DeVos. Most entrepreneurs get a later start than Dick DeVos got. Though it’s true that Dick DeVos had family who were in business, he was able to learn the fundamental lessons as an individual.


This enabled Dick to enter business at a level few others do.


What The Amway Corporation Did For Dick DeVos


The Amway corporation is a multi-level marketing agency that produces products in various categories. The agency distinguishes itself through the manufacture of high-quality products that compete with common goods we use. This corporation also uses individuals to sell its product. These products are never found in a store.


This method of interpersonal relationships, as the basis of business productivity, has been effective. The model is redefining how businesses operate and how economies are forming in a modern world of expansion. The reason Amway succeeds is because of the economic expansion of world governments.


The more that countries expand, the more each will need to function and thrive.


A Strategy Built In Character And Future Philanthropy


There’s a larger strategy to the work of Dick DeVos and his business development. The Amway corporation believes that the path to success within business is based on the development of one’s self. The agency believes that you have to be a better person in order to succeed a better business.


What this means is that the challenges of creating a successful business are based on who you are personally.


Businesses often create concepts and introduce ideas to the world that we haven’t used before. These new concepts entering society often don’t exist and therefore needs a dedicated person to endure the trials of productivity that make such business concepts real.


This process tests the character in men and women who pursue business. It’s this character that Dick DeVos credits as his foundation for philanthropy.


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