Dick DeVos Success and Philanthropic Practices

Dick and Betsy DeVos Philanthropy


Dick and Betsy DeVos are charitable contributors who have gained fame and respect for their actions. Over their lifetimes, the couple has contributed around $139 million. Although some critics are using their small contribution to the Republican`s campaign against them, their contribution to students and the society is very clear. In 2015 alone, their charitable contribution was double the amount they had donated to fund the Republican`s campaigns for five years.


The DeVos family has been donating for decades. Rich DeVos, Amway co-founder, led the donations. In 2015, Rich`s elder son, and his grown-up children, donated $104 million. The DeVos family is among the top America`s contributors. The family`s lifetime donations stand at $1.33 billion. Dick and Betsy DeVos have prioritized education. Dick believes that their philanthropic practices show the couple`s devotion to good education systems. In 2013, their contributions benefited Michigan schools. The major beneficiaries were Ferris State University, Compass College of Cinematic Arts, West Michigan Aviation Academy and Potter`s House.


Dick DeVos pointed out that the couple supported schools that had academic rigor, accountability and adult support. The two are happy when they see young people graduate from these schools. Dick is proud of the couple`s achievement in launching Michigan Aviation Academy. The two enjoy when these students achieve their goals. Dick argued that the DeVos family has helped change the attitude of young people about the world. The couple sponsors Arts & Culture in learning institutions. They have also been part of community and leadership donations.


About Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is an American entrepreneur, author and philanthropist from Michigan. Dick DeVos sponsors various education programs in different institutions. He is the President of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. He was born in 1955. He is the son of Rich DeVos, the Amway co-founder. He is married to Betsy DeVos, the current U.S. Secretary of Education. DeVos attended Forest Hills public school. He cleared from Northwood University, where he acquired his bachelor`s degree in Business Administration. He has been part of the family business, even while he was still young.


DeVos started working at Amway in 1974. He held various positions in manufacturing, sales, marketing and finance sectors. He became the Vice President of Amway in 1984, where he had a responsibility for the firm`s operations in 18 countries. He helped the company to open new markets and triple foreign sales. He was appointed CEO and President of Orlando Magic, when the DeVos acquired the basketball franchise, in 1991. He went back to Amway to become the President of the company in 1993.


Celebrities Join Kabbalah to Seek Deeper Meaning in Life

Kabbalah Institute attracts people from all walks of life. However, this was not always the case as Kabbalah was only limited to the Jews, who were over the age of 40 years. Rabbis made it impossible for other people to share in the knowledge, for they termed it as sacred. With the current Kabbalah Institute, Kabbalah knowledge has been availed to people in different parts of the world. The above has not gone without contention, especially among the Rabbis, who feel that the knowledge is shared among the unacceptable lots like celebrities.

Hollywood Stars and Kabbalah

Many Hollywood Celebrities are in the forefront in joining Kabbalah learning Institute in Los Angeles. Some take their courses on location while others take online classes. Some like Paris Hilton and Sandra Bernhard say that Kabbalah reduces the chaos and problems in their lives. Sandra said that since she started studying Kabbalah, her problems reduced by 80%. Paris also said that Kabbalah helped her know how to cope with problems that she otherwise would not have known how to solve. Case in point, when she broke up with Nick Carter, she quickly got over him because the Institute taught her the necessary skills and even gave her a coping bracelet and its website.

One cannot mention the Hollywood stars that joined Kabbalah without mentioning Madonna, who was the pioneer. Not only did Madonna learn the basic skills but she immersed herself deeply in the knowledge to the point of opening several Kabbalah centers where she would teach other people. Madonna said that she desired to inspire other people and give back to the society. She further said that her fame and success were not satisfactory as she felt that her purpose was to touch people’s lives and learn more about Kabbalah.

Kabbalah Learning Institute

The Kabbalah Institute is mainly situated in Los Angeles. However, for easy accessibility, there are other branches in other sections of the world. Moreover, the institution also offers online classes where people can enroll from all regions of the world. The CEO and director of the institution is called Rav Berg, and she runs the center with the help of Karen his wife and Yehuda and Michael his sons. They also employ competent staff to assist in disseminating the knowledge and read full article.

Other Reference: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/13/magazine/13kabbalah-t.html

Waiakea Water: Helping Maintain a Sustainable World

As humans, our bond with the natural world is one of our strongest and most primal connections. The native Hawaiians have a special tie to the planet in their role as keiki o ka ‘āina, or “children of the land.” This promise to respect and care for the land, or mālama i ka ‘āina, goes back to the beginning of time as one of the primary aspects of Hawaiian culture.

Waiākea believes keeping this promise in the modern world is of the utmost importance. The promise to protect the land and conserve its resources through sustainable practices has kept the land rich and nurturing. In return, the land has provided the Hawaiians with food, shelter, clothing, tools, and even musical instruments. Starting at the source, Waiākea uses water from one of the most sustainable fresh water resources in the world. Using the natural power of porous volcanic rock, the water filters through thousands of feet that enrich the water with electrolytes like potassium and other minerals such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Located at the base of the mighty Mauna Loa volcano, the Kea’au aquifer captures over 200 inches (or 393 million gallons per day) of rainfall and snowmelt every year in a biodiverse, isolated environment.

Waiākea uses only 100% RPET bottles and ships using the lowest emission shipping possible, going above and beyond to lessen the environmental impact as much as possible. Participating in regional reforestation and other similar carbon offset programs have led them to be one of the first premium waters in the world to become officially certified CarbonNeutral®. This means that the emissions from the water sourcing and production equal out to a net zero carbon emission footprint. Using 33% renewable energy, 25% of which is geothermal, for the sourcing operations Waiākea meets the CarbonNeutral Protocol for this prestigious stamp, which is the global standard for carbon neutral certification.

Learn more about Waiakea water here: