Doe Deere – article recap

Everyone has their morning rituals. Founder and Creator of the Beauty line Lime Crime, Doe Deere shares her daily beauty regimen.


She wakes up at 8:30 a.m. without the need of an alarm clock. A good night’s rest (9 hours) is key to clear skin. She loves waking up and is a morning person who begins her day with an 8oz glass of water to stay hydrated.


She will then perform her stretching exercises. The “cat/camel” is her favorite exercise because it loosens her back and feels nice.


She often plans her day while making a healthy breakfast or enjoying the scenery outside of her window. Favorite foods are grits, yogurt, and fruit. She has her own orange tree.


She then checks the calendar on her phone and strategizes a plan for the day with her team. She gets informed and checks emails before entering the office. But at the office, she makes it a point to keep her mornings free of digital info so that she can focus on creativity.


She zones out to some good music while doing her makeup. Her current obsession is the music of the Beatles.


As a little girl, she heard the song Abbey Road and it has been a source of nostalgia ever since.


She begins with the Glossier face wash. It has a mild smell of roses that Ms. Deere loves. Afterward, she applies her favorite moisturizer Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence.


She will then mattify her face by apply L’Oreal’s ‘True Match Foundation.’ If she has plans to socialize she’ll apply MAC’s ‘Studio Fix.’ She even has plans of releasing her own foundation and is striving to come to market soon!


After she has establishes a powder base on her eye brows, cheeks, and lips. Her favorite part of her make up ritual is applying her blush and lipstick.

Lime Crime: Matte Velvetine Go To Lipsticks:


*Red Velvet

*Pink Velvet


This time is among her most treasured because she gets to enjoy her ‘me’ time that we all need. This complete makeup ritual can range from 15 to 60 minutes depending on her time limits.


She prefers evening shower so that her hair is dried and ready to manage and style into unique shiny purple hair waves when she wakes up.


She then plays with her two adorable Persian cats Puffy Fluffies and Chester Von Vattingham. They’re spoiled rotten and get all the kisses and cuddles they can handle before heading off to the office around noon. She then will eat her lunch, socialize with co-workers, and attend meetings. She strives to be done by 6:00 pm but will stay until the job is done.

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