Lipliners are among the most underrated beauty products around. They give you so much control over the appearance of your lips and, what's more, applying lipliner with the same finish (matte or gloss) as your lipstick creates a barrier around the application area. This keeps your makeup looking flawless by preventing smudging or migration.

A good lipliner is a must-have if there are aspects of your lips that you would like to change, too. When strategically applied, it can give you fuller lips, play up your cupid's bow, or even accentuate the curves of your outline. This makes it an easy alternative to anti-aging filler treatments that redefine the lips.

Using lipliners to change the appearance of your lips is a lot trickier than using them only to stop lipstick migration, of course. Unfortunately, most people only pay attention to the technique and lipliner they use. However, focusing on how you blend your lipliner is vital because doing it badly can ruin a good outline.

A Good Lip Outline Is The Foundation Of Any Good Lip Look

The first step to a perfect outline is moisturizing to get rid of dry lips. Moisturized lips make it easier to apply lipliner. When choosing a brand, avoid products that build up easily, as they can make it hard to blend neatly. Once you've picked out your lipliner and lipstick, you're ready to start lining. You can either spread out your lips to line them or draw the outline using small back-and-forth strokes.

Back-and-forth strokes are generally better because they create stronger waxy barriers, which will be more helpful when blending. Be sure to leave your mouth in a relaxed, rather than stretched, position without pursing your lips. Start by exaggerating your cupid's bow ever so slightly. If your hands are unsteady, rest your pinky against your chin as you draw.

Next, trace your top lip's outline from the corner to the cupid's bow on both sides. This method relies on the exaggerated cupid's bow for a full look. However, if you want more prominent lips, you can trace them slightly above or below your natural outlines. If you have problems tracing smooth lines, use a sharpened pencil in relaxed motions. Choose a lipliner that's the same color but a slightly darker shade than your lipstick to create a more cohesive look.

Your Blending Technique Can Give You An Even Fuller Look

Finally, it's time to outline your lower lip. Start by tracing out your precise outline if your bottom lip is full enough. However, if you're going for a fuller look, you can overlap slightly again. Once your outline is perfectly traced, you should fill out the corner of your lips with the lipliner accordingly.

This step is essential to improve your contour and stop your lipstick from smudging as you blend. With this done, you can apply your lipstick with just a few swipes. You'll notice how much easier it is, thanks to the lipliner. If you have any lipliner outside of your outline, use a cotton bud to lift it.

You can also use a little concealer around your lips to give them a more defined look. Blend it with a small and precise makeup brush to avoid the lipstick. To give your lips an even fuller look, add a slick of shiny lip gloss over your lipstick. This will give your pout a glossy, plumped effect.

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