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35 Rules People Who Go on 'Fixer Upper' Have to Follow

Sorry, the renovations aren't free. Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, we know buying the "worst house on the block" isn't always a bad idea. The couple rose to HGTV fame by walking new owners through the process of buying not-so-great houses and renovating them into their dream homes. Now that the house-flipping favorites have relaunched their hit show on the Magnolia Network with Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, you may be wondering how you can snag a spot on it. Find out what rules homeowners had to follow in the past—and potentially on the reboot, too—to get a leg up on the competition.

48 Unspoken Social Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

Make the world a nicer place with these simple gestures.

The Most Controversial Royal Fashion Moments of All Time

When a member of the royal family steps out in public, their fashion choices are guaranteed to make headlines

The Sweet Way Harry And Meghan Comforted Each Other At Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

The Sussexes got through the tough emotions together.

Gwen Stefani Pink Stuns In A Pink Corset Top On Her Latest Magazine Cover

Gwen Stefani is continuing to make bold fashion statements ahead of her highly-anticipated return to The Voice – and the seductive outfit she wore when she graced the cover of Vogue Czechoslovakia’s October 2022 issue is one of the raciest and ...

Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Love Horoscope For September 26 - October 2, 2022

Practicality leads the way for magic to exist.

Paris Jackson Turned Heads at the Missoni Fashion Show in a See-Through Dress That’s a Total 180 From Her Normal Looks

From rocker chic ensembles to delicate gowns on the red carpet, we’ve always loved Paris Jackson’s unique style. The Lighthouse singer knows how to be an edgy Queen one minute to a fairy princess in the next, showing she can really pull off any look. Her newest look at the Missoni fashion show proves that

What You Need To Know About Having A Baby Girl

It's a girl! Whether it's your first baby or it's your first girl, here's what you need to know about baby girls.

People You Didn’t Know Were in Marvel Movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe employs even more of Hollywood than you expect! Do you know all of these celebrity appearances in Marvel films over the years?

Photos of the Royals Living Their Best Lives in the Summer

From family time at Windsor Castle to extravagant vacations on yachts. While it may seem like all work and no play, the royals always find time to enjoy the summer. For starters, they take their travels very seriously — from honeymooning in Spain to sailing on the royal yacht to visiting the pyramids in Giza. But they also make the most of the warm season by spending quality time as a family outside on the grounds of Windsor Castle or visiting Balmoral for the weekend. Feeling nostalgic? We found photos from as early as the 1930s of the royal family on holiday. From Queen Elizabeth II's days as a young girl to Princess Diana's vacations with her boys, get ready to see the royals soaking up the sun on trips for business, pleasure and, most times, a little bit of both!

The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Hold a Grudge, According to Astrologers

Astrologers say these six zodiac signs feel emotions deeply and are most likely to hold a grudge and potentially ice others out.

The Best Grocery Store Cookie Brands, Ranked

This one is for all of you cookie monsters out there.

5 Real-Life Haunted Houses with Hair-Raising Histories

If walls could talk, these ones would have plenty of scary tales to share.

44 Celeb Couples Who Met When They Were Costars

These 40 celeb couples *all* met on set, whoa.

Kim Kardashian Closed Out the Dolce & Gabbana Show in a Glittering Black Gown and Stiletto Sock Boots at Milan Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian walked the runway at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan.

High-Waisted, Wide-Leg Jeans That Are Better Than Skinny Jeans

These are the best high-waisted, wide-leg jeans for women for fall 2022, according to an Elite Daily editor.

60 Vintage Photos of Celebrity Weddings

These are the timeless brides that will never go out of style.

Baby Names from the Early 1900s No One Uses Anymore

When was the last time you met a Bessie?

Why Kate Middleton is using Princess Diana's former royal title, but Camilla, Queen Consort, didn't

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, is the first person to use the title since Princess Diana. Camilla never used it, even though she was entitled to.

Here’s How the British Royal Family Spends Their Money

The epitome of elegance, the British royal family lives a life of opulence a commoner can barely fathom. Whether they were born in the spotlight or married into it -- like Princess of Wales Kate...

25 Pictures of Chicago Life Through the Years

History was lived and seen in every corner of this city.

Worst Car Names in America

What were these automakers thinking? The post Worst Car Names in America appeared first on

16 friendliest cat breeds that make perfect pets

Check out our list of the top 16 friendliest cat breeds if you think cats are distant and aloof

8 Chefs' Tips for Ordering the Best Meal at a Steakhouse

From classic cocktails to decadent desserts, here's what you should order for an ultimate steakhouse experience.

Who Is Peter Phillips's Girlfriend, Lindsay Wallace?

The Queen's eldest grandson Peter Phillips started dating Wallace last year.

What Mothers Of Teens Secretly Love About Them

Teens have the power to make a mother feel happy, sad, mad, overjoyed, or laugh so hard they cry, within minutes of each other.

10 Worst Dressed Anime Characters With Horrible Fashion Sense

There are countless iconic looks in anime, but some characters are known for the opposite reason, becoming infamous for their terrible fashion sense.

How To Steal Jessica Alba's Cozy And Family-Oriented Home Style

Jessica Alba recently welcomed Architectural Digest into her family-oriented home in Los Angeles. Here's how to steal her neutral and cozy style.

Doing This in the Bathroom Can Spike Your Blood Pressure, Study Finds

Using mouthwash after you brush and floss might seem like a healthy habit, but research shows it may contribute to high blood pressure.

40 Things Every House in the 70s Had That No One Sees Today

These really take us back.

The Most Popular Wedding Song the Year You Got Married

Everyone was cutting loose in '84.

These Are The '80s Trends We Hope Never Return

We welcomed back Magnum P.I. and fanny packs, but we hope these other trends stay buried in the ‘80s.

18 essential tips for first-time pet owners

New to the world of owning pets? Scope out these 18 essential tips for new pet owners, starting with what you need to do before even bringing home your new furry friend.

King Charles III 'increasingly unlikely' to extend olive branch to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

King Charles 'won't be extending an olive branch' to ask Meghan and Harry to rejoin the monarchy as working royals, according to royal expert

Coin Master free spins & coins links (September 24, 2022)

Today's working Coin Master links to get free spins and coins — updated daily!

People Amazed at What a Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever Mix Looks Like

"Thought it was gonna be a golden husky but it's a Siberian retriever," one person commented.

Here's How Much These Iconic Antiques From the Past 30 Years Are Worth Now

Do you have any of these valuable items hiding in your attic?

Golden Retriever's Pitiful Way of Asking Mom to Play Is Just Too Cute

We'd stop working immediately.

These 15 Commonly-Used Words Have the Weirdest and Most Fascinating Origins

You'll seriously never look at an avocado the same way again.

Family Values To Instill In Your Children

Once your children know what your family values, it can help guide them on their decision-making skills in the future.

So Long, Corgis! Meet the New Dogs Moving into Buckingham Palace

The corgi's reign has ended, but which pooch will take up the mantle and wear the crown of royal canine? This is everything you need to know about King Charles III's dogs. The post So Long, Corgis! Meet the New Dogs Moving into Buckingham Palace appeared first on Reader's Digest.

2-Year-Old’s Morning Ritual Is Adorable

He's always got the blanket.

Kitchen color ideas – the best color schemes for your kitchen

Get creative in the kitchen with this season's hottest kitchen color ideas. These color schemes will give your kitchen a bold new look

The Most Unique Spots to Visit in the Caribbean

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Ranking Every Style Of Pepperidge Farm Cookie

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BLACKPINK's Jennie Wore a Mini Dress Made Entirely of Belts — See the Photos

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Things in Your Garage It's Time to Get Rid of

If the garage has become your family’s storage unit, you’re going to want to read this one.

The Tiniest Town in Every State

Move your family to one of these teeny towns and you just might double its population!

See Photos of the Royal Family Processing Behind Queen Elizabeth II's Coffin

King Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and more walked behind the coffin while others rode in cars. Queen Elizabeth's coffin has traveled from Balmoral Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles' Cathedral to Buckingham Palace. Today, the Queen’s coffin will be carried by a gun carriage in a procession from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster. Members of the royal family will walk behind the coffin during the procession. The Queen's four children—King Charles, Princess Anne, and Princes Andrew and Edward—will walk the route, along with three of the Queen's grandsons Prince William, Prince Harry, and Peter Phillips. Anne's husband Sir Timothy Laurence, the Queen's cousin Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester, and the Queen's nephew David Armstrong-Jones, the 2nd Earl of Snowdon, will also be in the procession. Queen Camilla, Princess Kate, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex will follow in a car. Here, see the solemn photos of the royal family in procession behind Queen Elizabeth's coffin.

A Look Back at David Bowie Wearing Whatever the Hell He Wanted